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the amazing world of gumball
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season 1
It's Christmas Eve, and all the citizens of Elmore are in a festive mood. Many characters wish the viewers a merry Christmas, including the Wattersons, who are driving home pagina in their car. Their high spirits are abruptly brought down, however, when they crash into someone. This "someone" turns out to be a filthy bum that looks strikingly similar to Santa Claus, at least in Richard's opinion.
They rush the stranger to the hospital, with Richard voicing his worry about being on the naughty lijst this year. He decides to make up for it with several last minuut good deeds, running around the hospital...
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The episode begins with Gumball and Darwin playing a game on the playground. Gumball gives Darwin a couple of tasks to complete, but he fails all of them. Darwin does not want to be his brother's slave for a day, so in a fit of desperation he attempts to jump through his own leg. Soon after, Bobert walks up to them and asks them if he can play the betting game. Gumball obliges, but asks Bobert a trick question, causing him to lose the bet.

Because of this, Bobert switches to command mode and therefore becomes Gumball's slave for a day. Instead of using him to solve global crisises, Gumball uses...
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part 1(USA):The episode starts off with Gumball and Darwin yelling. Then, Miss Simian tells Gumball and Darwin to hurry up and take a shower, but Gumball and Darwin refuse to. Then, Clayton suggest the boys to wet their hair in the water and say they took a shower. When Clayton goes on the sink and puts water water on his head, the sink falls off and the sink's pipe is spraying water. Clayton tells the boys to give them one of their towels, but they refuse. Clayton puts his mouth over the pipe, which fills his mouth with water. Clayton goes flying all over the boy's douche room and causes the...
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Today,I update the poll,Favorite Episode.The two new Episodes is:Halloween and The Treasure.If u like these episodes,than Go to this website:
Now it's better now.If u have any questions,Please comment. Now ,If is the new episode I didn't post,Post the comment.
Hallloween:A halloween Specail.Carrie takes Gumball,Darwin, and Anais to a real haunted house party on Halloween.
The Treasure:Anais Refill the Watterson's secret.
If u are female,
1.What u do everyday?
A. Relax
B. Be Responible
C. None of above

2.Which u favoriete sport?
B. Running
C.I Hate Sports

3.Favorite Friend?
B.My Wife

If u are Male,
1.Favorite Neighbor?
A.The Wattersons
B.I don't like the neighbors
C.Gaylord Robinson

2.Favorite classmate?
A. Gumball
B. Richard as a kid
C.My Son

3.Great father?
A.Penny's father
C.Gaylord Robinson

Results for females only,
Most A:Richard is perfect for you,He relax and sleeping

Most B: Penny's father is perfect for you,He Responsile to he's sisters

Most C:Gumball is perfect for you,He his a best friend is Darwin

Results for males only,
Most A:Penny is perfect for you,She May like Gumball

Most B:Nicole is perfect for you,She loves Richard,even He's in unemployed

Most C:Margaret is perfect for you,She's Gaylord wife and her hair is fake in the car
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The Summer of 83.
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This Is A Wonderful dag For Pie
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This Is A banaan Phone
banaan phone
Should I feel bad for uploading this? Nahhhhh! Uploaded door Gumball Watterson
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the amazing world of gumball
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the amazing world of gumball
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The episode begins with Anais rudely awakening her mother, demanding that she gets out of bed to take her the "Daisy the Donkey On Ice" show. Nicole refuses and tells her she's too tired, but Anais blackmails her with a tape recording of Nicole contradicting herself door calling any parent who wouldn't take their child to watch it a "horrible mother". Nicole gives in and tells Anais that they would go. Downstairs, Nicole comes down to inform Richard to keep an eye on Gumball and Darwin in the meantime as he tries out a weight loss machine. Richard assures Nicole that nothing would go wrong as...
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The episode begins in the dining room with Richard trying to unclog the keuken-, keuken sink with a toilet plunger and Gumball serving cereal for Darwin and himself. After having a conversation about why lunch is better than breakfast of dinner, a plastic wand falls out from the cereal box and on to Darwin's bowl of cereal. Gumball grabs it in hopes that it would be able to satisfy his wish of having six eyes, but has no effect instead. Darwin tries wishing for the same thing on Gumball as well, this time he waving it, but still yielding the same result. They conclude that the magic wand is fake. Richard,...
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