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 Gumball and Darwin as eggs
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gumball and darwin as eggs
the amazing world of gumball
season 1
It was Gumball's birthday.
Everyone had gegeven him presents,but 2 people for got. Bruce and Penny quickly rushed to go get stuff. Penny went to the store to get "find da sandwich" (s1) of Gumball's favourite Youtube series, while Bruce went to make something for him. When Penny got back,she rushed to Gumball,giving him the DVD.Gumball was so happy but was also dissapointed that Bruce didn't give him anything.Gumball sighed in depression,but Penny kissed him to get him happy,and the kiss did get him happy.

In the basement,Bruce spilled out TONS of Lego (c) pieces and got out...
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It was a nice sunny dag in Elmore. The last class before summer vacation had ended 20 minuten ago. Everybody had decided that before they all went home pagina they would tell each other their major plans for the 104 days ahead. "Ok," Tobias said, "my plans for this summer are laying around, doing whatever I want, and trying to forget school even exists!!!" Every boy there and even some of the girls seconded THAT notion. Then it was Gumball and Darwin's turn. "In addition to that, and some other random things," He winked at Penny and she smiled. They had secretly planned to catch a movie sometime during...
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