Michael,you are my sweet hart-, hart soft and beautiful. It's hard to tell how much i really love u baby. My hart-, hart is for u to keep. u are my hart-, hart and soul. when im alone all i can think about is you. I cant take me love ooh noo. when i look in your eyes i see god inside you.
Michael, u got the best of my love.I love u meer than i love myself always!!!. Nobody cant take my love and feelins from u nobody!!!. No matter wat people say of how they say it. I love is true always for u. i feel soo hurt that u not here. its not easy without u. im so deep in love with u. i wish me and u were married and i would kiss your soft beautiful sexy lips. hold my had and never never let go. my love and hart-, hart is all i can give to u my sweet beautiful angel. when u smile u give light and when u talk i feel soooo great and lovely. At nite i have the most romatic dream about u. my dream is when u ask me to marry u, i say yessssssssssssss i will yessssss. As u put ring on my finger i started cryin because i want is u. On our honeymoon it was beautiful when me and u outside watchin the beautiful stars and u slowly grab my hand with the soft touch and it feels sooooo good and lovely. Then i say michael, i love u sooo baby. u say honey i love u too my sweet lovely wife. we began to kiss.Thats how i dream about u. michael, always remember in ur hart-, hart that i love u soooooo much and u will always be the lover of my life <3 <3 <3 . R.I.P baby!!!!!!!!! pretty wing!! (: <3 <3 <3 <3 <3