I touch your soft, smooth, warm skin. My fingers tingle, my hart-, hart skips a beat. You're blissfully asleep. Your beautiful face arest and calm. Gourgous chocolate cloloured, almond-shaped eyes closed. Full, hoofdkussen, kussen lips silghtly opened, breathing quiet breaths. Your cute, silky black curls fall to the side and infront of u angel face.
I wonder what u dream about... Songs, world peace.. all of these beautiful things.
u do a deep sigh, slightly making me jump. You're an angel. I trace your perfect jawline. I wonder if u can feel my gentle touches? If u can, do u like it? I gently verplaats your hair from your face and behind your ear.
Suddenly, u verplaats and your big, warm arms inpakken, wrap around me. Your scent is deliciously intoxicating. Your body is so warm. ... I'm in Heaven. My hart-, hart is racing. Your heartbeat is musical.
I really wish we could be together. I just want to be able to kiss your lips. To maybe just kiss your cheek. And to feel your lips on mine. In just three years... We could be together.
But you... DO u Love me like I Love you? Are u happier when I'm around? Are u sadder when I'm not? Does your hart-, hart race at the speed of light when we're close? Do u get shivers at my every word?
I wish we were closer in age...
Your harmonious heartbeat and breath lull me to sleep.
I wake up to the murmured sounds of The Three Stooges and your angelic giggles.
"Good morning!" u give me that beautiful Smile. "Sleep well?"
"Yes," I yawn, putting my hand over my mouth.
"Your mother's coming over at 3 to pick u up for your violin lessons," u inform me, a sort of sad tone in your voice.
"Damn," I sigh and sit up.
"I know," u look at me. Your eyes are amazing. I'm actually lost for a minuut until a bonk! on ther TV scares me. u giggle. I'm still tired. I lean on you, and we snuggle and watch TV. Curly's having Trouble with his sweater.
"So," your sweet voice sounds unsure how to start. "Have u found u Girlfriend of boyfriend yet?"
"I have my eye on people..." I blush, not wanting to make it odd. u seem dissapointed. I can tell.
"Like who?" u have that ooh, tell me! voice that u use to cover it up.
"A guy and a girl," I say, giggling and playing with your bed-headed curls. u say, with an amazing chuckle that I'm being cryptic. "Why do u need to know?"
"So if they hurt you, I can get my bodyguards to teach them a lesson," u say in all seriousness. Your eyes have dulled a bit (this happens when you're serious about things like this) and your mouth is pressed in a firm line. Your eyes are looking straight into mine, pleading, If they even look at u in a way u don't like, u tell me. "I really don't wanna see u hurt, Adds." Your eyes get their sparkly-ness (new word :D) back as I hug you. I can feel your hart-, hart beat as fast as mine. "Thank you, Michael..." I say softly as u stroke my hair with your hand and whisper, "You're welcome..." Then u say, "You mean so much to me... I don't like seeing u hurt... It makes my stomach twist."
You're so sweet... I nod and u kiss my forehead gently. u have no idea how many Butterflies are in my stomach right now. How Happy I feel, just from that little kiss on the forehead. I can't describe at all my feelings, Michael.
Your caring eyes look into mine. "If you're hurt, physically, emotionally, or-"
"I know, Mike..." I say, sorry to interrupt. "You tell me that every day..."
"Do I tell u that You're My Best Friend everyday?" u ask, a sweet Smile on your face that almost makes me lose my breath.
"Yes," I laugh. "Twice."
"I'm gonna up it to three," then that grin u give me literally makes me have to catch my breath. I giggle. "What's the occasion?"
"You," u say simply.

I'm so happy I'm your best friend and you're mine. We share secrets, play games and giggle with eachother. Just being close to u is amazing. I thank God everyday for you. I've prayed, ever since I heard your voice to meet you.
My prayers have been answered.
*~* End of part one! *~*
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