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de keuze van de fan: All Of Them
de keuze van de fan: John
de keuze van de fan: All Of Them 🎅
de keuze van de fan: 6 ♥
de keuze van de fan: hoofdkussen, kussen Fight
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ktichenor zei …
I can't pick a favoriete Beatle. They're all so wonderful! Each one was their own beautiful, unique personalty and they each brought something amazing to the group. I think that's why their friendship and muziek worked so well. geplaatst ·12 dagen geleden
Rubyrings commentaar gegeven…
I know! It's so true. Even though I have picked a favourite, I love them all so much. ·12 dagen geleden
80smusiclover1 commentaar gegeven…
I completely agree! ·12 dagen geleden
BingoPB commentaar gegeven…
John is my favoriete Beatle, but I still love Paul, George, and Ringo. They were the most beautiful men to ever live. ·10 dagen geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
Totally agree! :) ·10 dagen geleden
80smusiclover1 zei …
I've got some awesome news, everyone! Ringo has just been knighted door the Queen! geplaatst ·24 dagen geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
Oh, my god, best news ever! Way to go Ringo, u deserve it! :D ·24 dagen geleden
Rubyrings commentaar gegeven…
Really? That's wonderful news! I'm so glad he finally got that honour, he deserves it!! ·24 dagen geleden
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
Sir Ringo Starr, I love how that sounds! :) ·22 dagen geleden
Rubyrings zei …
"I told u 'bout the walrus and me, man
u know that we're as close as can be, man
Well, here's another clue for u all:
The walrus was Paul"

I don't know about you, but I always felt that was the sweetest declaration of friendship. After all, John basically says he and Paul are as close as can be! geplaatst één maand geleden 1
80smusiclover1 commentaar gegeven…
I think so, too! They had a very wonderful friendship. één maand geleden 1
ktichenor commentaar gegeven…
I like to think that they were also like brothers as well as friends. :) één maand geleden 1
BingoPB commentaar gegeven…
Yeah. It's one of my favoriete Beatles lyrics. één maand geleden 1