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posted by Emmalou13
Episode 1

*Rapunzel sings When will my life begin* (You don’t have to sing I am using the actually part from the movie)

*Jack is flying around, sees tower and goes to window*
*Sees Rapunzel’s hair*

Jack: “Woah…”

Rapunzel: *Gasps* “Who are u and how did u find me?!”

Jack: “Names Jack Frost”

*Rapunzel turns around and confers with Pascel*

Rapunzel: “He might be the answer to my problems! I mean Mothers away… He seems nice enough… Should I ask him? … good point… alright I’ll do it.

*Sighs determinedly and turns around*

Rapunzel: “My names Rapunzel, … Jack… can...
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