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Eleanor and Brittany

Like Alvin and Simon, Eleanor and Brittany fight sometimes. Brittany makes Eleanor mad at times. However, Eleanor is protective of Brittany and Eleanor loves her sister.

Eleanor and Jeanette

Eleanor and Jeanette have a very close relationship. Eleanor is with Jeanette most of the time, Eleanor is also protective of Jeanette. However, despite her protection of Jeanette she cares for Jeanette as much as she cares for her sister Brittany.

Jeanette and Brittany

Jeanette isn't brave enough to stand up to Brittany when Brittany takes advantage of Jeanette. But Brittany loves her sister and is protective of Jeanette. Even though Brittany and Jeanette may fight, they still love each other.
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I’m done with all of u role players. I know you’re doing this for fun but some of u are taking this too far door saying things like: “I own the Chipettes” and “I am Brittany.” u are not. Please quit it. I really hope that all of u are looking back at your past selves and saying “man I should be meer mature”. Hopefully most, if not all of u have matured door now. I really can’t take this any more. It’s hard to tell all of u over and over to stop. But I’ll say this one last time. Please, stop offending others and claiming their work as your own. That’s stealing. u could get caught and reported to authorities and police. Thank u for your time. I now rest my case.
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