Real name: Matsumoto Takanori (松本 孝則))
Blood Type: B
Birth Date: February 1, 1982
Piercings: 5 on the right ear
Height: 162 cm
Foot size: 25.5 cm
Ring size: Middle finger - 17
Place of birth: Kanagawa Prefecture (Kantou, southern Japan)
Family: Parents, older brother
Tobacco: American Spirit
Cologne: Bvlgari
favoriete Color: Gold, purple, red, black, silver
favoriete Drink: Child Iwai Apple
Disliked Food: Green pepper, beans Hobby: Rental, Shopping
favoriete Brand: roze Dragon, THE GAMBLER$, ANTICLASS, bounty hunter, CREAMSODA, RUDE GALLERY, Harugin
My Boom: Skateboarding
Collection: Harugin
Liked Type: A self-aware person, a wonderful person
Disliked Type: An impure girl, a stupid person
Wish to girls: Don’t lose sight of yourself
Strong Point: Genuine Side
Weak Point: Genuine Side
Charming Point: Temple
Daily living necessity: Cellphone favoriete Animal: Dog (chihuahua), Cat
Musical Influence: LUNA SEA
First Copied Song: Sex Pistols - Bodies
Message: “Let’s start from the bottom.”
vorige Bands: Mikoto, Ma’die Kusse, Kar+te=zyAnose


Ruki doesn’t like strawberries.
Ruki loves to shop
He used to want to be a fireman
Ruki has five piercings on his right ear
His favourite season is winter
He used to work at a restaurant called ‘Royal host’ and at a place called ‘Denny’s’
His least favourite foods are strawberries and peppers
He is very self conscious
he hates having to toon his chest
he hates his sun spots/beauty marks, and he tries to cover them as much as he can.
he had a pretty rough childhood
his parents where kind of the equivalent of nazis
he use to as a child wake up in the middle of the night, grab his head phones, and plug them into the tv and watch horror films while his parents where asleep.
his first favoriete horror film was Child’s Play
his older brother was into X Japan and Luna Sea and when no one was home, Ruki use to play their songs.
doesn’t find naked women erotic
designs jewelry sometimes
had a dog named Sabu-chan (deceased) now its Koron
Loves chihuahuas.
current pet is Mr. Squidge, a cat.
wore his bother’s hand-me-downs
parents and family wanted him to be a ‘good child’ so they made him always busy in school and at home pagina with lessons
was grounded and beaten frequently door his parents for his misbehavior
use to skip classes that he did not like
was in a private elementary school
in all vorige bands vorige Ruki was the drummer
made a promise that if the GazettE where to break up it would be his, Reita’s and Uruha’s last band
was hurt door an ex-girlfriend long geleden (find the lyrics to Zetsu, of Zakurogata no Yuutsu, and u will understand)
he ate food that fell off the tafel, tabel as a kid
likes to try new things
very, very talkative
when things get hard of difficult, he just wants to run and hide away.
steals other members cigarettes when he has none
makes bad lies about being somewhere, where he defiantly isn’t!
paints the stripes on his neck because he’s self-conscious about his jawline
charming point is temple
hates it when people are mean to tourists
Rolls around on Uruha’s bed, to make Uruha laugh.
His first live was an X Japan live
His parents wouldn’t let him listen to X because of their erotic album covers.
was a very bad child
was disowned door his parents because of that (on the phone)
Had a bad relationship with his father, but then patched things up. When his father saw the GazettE perform, he cried.
At first, his father called the song Okuribi ‘bullshit’.
Loves watching movies
likes Prison Break
Loves horror films
Cries at dog movies

fan MAIL

First Impresion About Ruki!

Reita: When I first met him, I thought he is a vivid rocker. It would be fun to form a band with him. But actually he is someone inconsistent. Once when we had performance with the other band, I asked him “let’s go home pagina together today?”. Although he answered “Fine!” but when we found him he was all surrounded door fans. And we can just……May be he just couldn’t keep his promise.

Ruki’s expression: “That’s because……” zei a nervous Ruki. Reita ignoring him.

Kai: I met him in a live house when having a bands companionship. We didn’t have a word before at all but he just lent his equipments to me. He’s really a nice guy was my first impression of him.

Ruki was still a trommelaar, drummer at that time?

Kai: Yes.

Uruha: I really don’t remember. In my memory, I was interested in Ruki’s band vocalist. And after that the vocalist told us their trommelaar, drummer want to have some words with us. And I was like “Ohhhh, that guy!” (laugh)

Aoi: I first met him in studio. He suddenly came shake my hands and didn’t get shy at all. I thought may be he would be someone big in the future. But I don’t remember anything else other than shaking hands.
What are Ruki’s strong and weak points?

Reita: The good point is he has good sense of whatever he is doing. It is fun to have him around. He will cheer the others up around and have lots of meer than necessary to speak……But he manage to merge into the atmosphere’s tension as a whole. The bad point is he really is a baka. Clumsy in speaking. And messed up the other’s house……

Ruki’s expression: I didn’t mess up u house!

Kai: The good point is he has curiosity in everything. I think it’s good to have a try in anything new. The bad point is he has too many to speak. Sometimes I really want him to be quiet for a moment (laugh). I was half serious but Ruki just thought I was joking and kept on talking. (laugh)

Uruha: The good point is he is very intimate with the others and that’s the lovely place he has. It’s just like he doesn’t know what the worldliness is. And he is the “heart” and “brain” of the GazettE. And we are brothers, we all respected him so much. The bad point is he likes shirking. It’s like he will act as an ostrich when there is difficulties.

Ruki’s expression: Looked like he want to run away from there.

Kai: Ruki, that’s of no use. It’s over once you’re in that zone. u can’t escape just door running away. (laugh)

Aoi: The good point is he has the most knowledge of muziek in the GazettE. But in this two years we have been working together, we always help to verplaats out the equipments from the van. I just saw Ruki lead off shifting stuffs about three times in these two years. Every time is Kai who moving in and out very diligently. With the same B-blood type, there are still some differences between them.

Uruha: He doesn’t have that voltage at all!

Ruki’s expression: Dumb……

Do u have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that u want to tell Ruki?

Reita: Please stop making up unreasonable lies. Once it was the meeting time already but Ruki still wasn’t here yet, I thought he was still sleeping so I just called and asked “Where are you?”. And he zei “I am on the train now”, but it’s so quiet around that it didn’t sound like he is on one. The time didn’t match too. It’s okay to tell where is he now honestly. Please don’t making up bad lies.

Kai: In my circumstances for example, he’d asked me to give him a cigarette, but I usually found it was all gone after that. Just tell me a word and I will give it to him.

Uruha: Once a time, Ruki asked me “may I stay overnight at yours” and I zei okay. And I let my mum prepared for his coming. But he still didn’t get here in the midnight, so I called and asked “aren’t u coming?” and he zei “I am on my way.” So I just kept waiting, but the klok, bell didn’t ring at all that day. (bitterly smile)

Reita: Poor Uruha~

Ruki’s expression: “That’s SOOOO long ago……” murmuring to himself.

Aoi: I felt the same. He zei “give me a cigarette” and it would all gone.

Ruki’s expression: “I am so sorry.” And nodding his apologies.

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.

Reita: I want to know why is he being so nice to me.

How nice is it?

Reita: I usually will take off my jas when I arrive at his home pagina and he will take care of it for me. He will even hang it up with a hanger. May be he just want to make his house dirty? But I’d like to marry Ruki if he kept on doing all those tiny kind things. (laugh)

Ruki: What? No way, it’s just because u wanna got marry? (laugh)

Kai: It’d became weird if u speak too much, Ruki. You’d get into that zone again……