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The GazettE: Shiikureta Haru Kawarenu Haru

The GazettE - Leech

the GazettE - Burial Applicant



The GazettE - Reila jap and eng subs

Gazette on BTrue TV Part 1 of 3 ENGLISH SUBBED

Gazette on BTrue TV Part 2 of 3 ENGLISH SUBBED

Gazette on BTrue TV Part 3 of 3 ENGLISH SUBBED

The GazettE Ibitsu FULL PV

the GazettEからメッセージ!

the GazettE - 歪 (Ibitsu) [PV PREVIEW]

the GazettE Members singing

GazettE - Aoi dancing in golden kimono

Fun With The GazettE and Alice Nine

Alice nine and the Gazette Redlight district

The Gazette ( funny laughs & moments )

Ruki laughing

Uruha's Sexy Legs REVEALED

Uruha falling (again)

dance reita!

English with Reita

Uruha Broke the Jump Rope

And Reita Appears


Ruki and Uruha kiss

Shou Breaks Up With Ruki (fake lol)

The Gazette Funny Moments

The GazettE-Ruki the pervert xD

the GazettE documentary at FUJI TV volgende ( part 1 )

gazette manga

INAZUMA rockfest 2011

Aoi's ESP Theme

Gazette Funny (ft. Miyavi)

The Gazette - Maggots

the GazettE @ SUMMER SONIC 2011

the GazettE - PEOPLE ERROR

the GazettE-Art Drawn door Vomit

the GazettE - The End

the GazettE-CLEVER MONKEY (full)

the GazettE-Chijou (full)

the GazettE - Moon

SUMMER SONIC 2011 (The GazettE)

Uruha singing linda linda

The Invisible uithangbord

the GazettE Cassis

Uncertain sense & Break me [previews]

Happy Birthday Ruki! 2-1-2011


Tokyo Dome

the gazette ride with rockers reita & kai tokyo dome

Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome

Tokyo Dome


Ruki - vortex speedpainting chibi [in SAI]

Ruki - the GazettE speed painting "ABYSS AND LUCY " PART 2

The Gazette being silly

ruki's crying

Possibly Ruki's most aDORKable Moment Evaarr

Ruki - the GazettE speed painting "ABYSS AND LUCY " PART 1


Chizuru PV (official version)

the gazette without makeup

Make on The Holiday - Uruha, Reita, Ruki [english]

Make on the Holiday - Aoi & Ruki [english]

RadioJack - Reita reading ghost stories

Cute GazettE Laughs [Part 1]

The GazettE - MG commentaar [ENG]

The GazettE - Brand X Interview [ENG]

PSC (Tour 2005) Backstage

The GazettE & Miyavi backstage (PSC Tour)

the GazettE backstage

Beating Kai

Kai & Reita backstage.

Reita talks about Kai's cooking

Uruha falls off stage.

Kai & Aoi being goofy, backstage.

Aoi dancing in kimono

Miyavi kisses Kai.

Reita, Kai & Ruki hugging

Ruki's little problems.

Uruha falls when bowling.

Aoi sings his own song: "Momiji Manju"

Kai sings "Happy Birthday" to Aoi.

Reita & Kai speaking english.

Reita & Aoi: "Coming soon!" - "Alright!"

The GazettE - DIM live previews - Tour 2009

Kai_Laugh atack x3


no.666 [PV]

Shadow VI II I [PV]

Regret [PV]

Hyena [PV]

Guren [PV]

The Gazette x GemCerey Trailer

Chizuru - Apartment Movie Version (PV)

Meaningless Art That People Showed, Part 11