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posted by NavySkittles
Dear whoever is reading this and is still active,

I’m sorry, I haven’t really been active in about a jaar and.. I kinda took some trips down memory lane with this account. Even though I’ve been here for almost eight years, I haven’t really talked to some of u since the whole situation with Zariah. I would like to point out that I’m not the same as I was back then. I was a little dimwitted and I wasn’t exactly as mature. But at the same time, I have also grown up into this...person that I don’t even recognize. u know, when u go through some stuff it kinda changes who u are...
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posted by Mica_M
I really don't want the guys to leave. Sure...there's drama sometimes, but who cares at all? It livens up Fanpop. Being with Butters....was amazing. I have emotionally unattached myself, but I still have great memories, despite the fact that I'm sure he hates me with a total passion, but THAT ISN'T THE POINT! Some of these guys are my good friends, like Kyle and Stan and Kenny. Who wants to lose a good friend? As the old saying goes boy/girlfriends come and go, but vrienden are forever. Everyone knows that. Breaking up vrienden is worse than a relationship. So, Comedy Central, would u like...
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posted by Michelle_Chang
Michelle, Janay and everyone else:
South Park girls! That's who we are, and what we will be! And this is how we roll as South Park girls!! Woooo!!!!

(Chorus is repeated 3 times, and then Michelle does the bridge of the song and Janay and everyone else joins in with Michelle)

Michelle: We will never let anyone stand in our way! Even if they flirt with our boyfriends, oh hell naw!
Janay: That's right, mmkay!
The rest of the girls: Mmkay, Janay!
(Chorus is sung 2 times, and one meer time as the ending.)
Gina: We are South Park fangirls!
Emmy: This is who we are!
Janay: And this is what we will be!
Michelle: This is how we roll as South Park girls!!!
All: (puts our hands on one another and we let them go) Woooooooooooooo!!!!!!!
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posted by ShannonTheRiver
We're a great group! We just WORKED so well together. Like a jigsaw puzzle. If u take any of us out, it's not complete.

I understand totally that not everyone will come back. But we're not putting together the lovely, old, memorable vintage puzzle back together from the attic. No, we're putting a new puzzle just off the shelf together.

The club we had, the group, the gang from months geleden was strong and great. But so long geleden are but fond memories. We can make new memories that will last.

We all care for each other. Otherwise, the group wouldn't have worked so well that we practically became...
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