a Percabeth story
this has nothing to do with my other fan fiction just decided to write it and its just a one time story thnx, puggyluv

7 years after the giant war ( percy and annabeth were 17 then)
Percy's POV
    Right now I'm 24 years old and just got out of college annabeth and i I are living together and work decent jobs during the week. Im and intern a a marine biologist lab while annabeth is a full blown architect reconstructing the empire state building as we speak. Shes at her bureau doing that cute thing she does with her nose and thinks out loud and doesn't relies it. Well tonight we are going on a picnic at the strand and tonight i will propose to her. I tried to do it once but i chickened out. this time i asked for aphrodites help. i also asked aphrodite for a beautiful diamond to put on the ring which has i will love u forever on it. she was overjoyed that i was doing this and agreed and also claimed that i was her favoriete couple.
" common annabeth, I have a surprise for you" i said
"not now percy i have to get this done door monday and i don't have time for this." she said
" well go ahead don't except my invitattion for a romantic avondeten, diner TWO at strand de la percy!"
" awwww percy your so sweet i guess ill go but we have to be home pagina before midnight i got work to do. oh and percy since when do u own a beach?"
ughh she does this to me every time
" oh yeah i don't i just claim it-" she cut me off
" because your dads poseiden yeah, yeah , yeah heard the speech a million time u are such a toon off" she says while getting really close to me for a kiss.
" oh so now u don't like how awesome i am" i say sarcastically
" you're perfect just the way u are seaweed brain"
then i start singing the song just the way u are in my horrible squeaky siniging voice.
" stop percy u sound like a dying cat"
" glad u LOVE my singing because i was going to sing tonight" i zei while doing a cheesy smile.
" ok u win"
"yes first time and go get dressed so we can go"
" fine but volgende time you're going down" she says while walking to her room.
"yeah right i say as she shuts the door.
I head to the douche to go get ready and when I'm done i walk out to see annabeth is in the most beautiful outfit shes wearing a thigh length sun dress and her hair is in a nice ponytail with strand dangling and just a hint of makeup.
we head to the car and get in and i take her the most beautiful place i know montauk where my mom used to take me. i took annabeth her and some other vrienden one time when we were in college.
we set up the blanket and i take out the gourmet meal i made.......PB&J, chips, kers-, cherry coke, and chocolate covered strawberries which my mom actually made.
" wow percy u should become a chef this is fabulous" annabeth says as she takes a bite out of the PB&J with a mouthful of pinda butter.
"haha u look like tyson" i zei while laughing also with a mouthful of pinda butter.
" thank u i take that as a complement" she says smiling.
we finish our food then i start.
" annabeth i say pulling her to her feet and me kneeling down on one knee she has her hand over her mouth in shock.
"will u marry me?"
THen there was a flash of light uh oh i knew there was something i forgot to do.

Annabeth POV
Percy just asked me to marry him when there was a flash of light and right then i knew it was our parents. Oour GODLY parents even worse.
" what do u think u are doing" athena asks as soon as she is fully visible.
"I..I..." percy was a t a complete lose for words. good job seaweed brain nice impression. then she says something neither of us expected.
" o my demigods yes i knew it, percy and annabeth i give u my blessing. wow aphrodite is really getting to me." athena says
then percy and i say n unison with astonished faces "what?"
" i I've u my blessing, i approve what can i say to make it easier one you."
"No i know what u said,mom"
" ok but u also got kelp for brains to answer ." wow posieden was so quiet i forgot he was there .
" are u sure u want this percy?" poseiden says
"yes dad ive always been sure, but i haven't gotten an answer either."
" well then i give u my blessing."
" okay thank u mom and lord poseiden, but i believe percy still needs an answer."
"so what is it wise girl?"
"YES!, yes yes yes times a million." i say
"okay well be leaving now" athena says " oh and i better be invited to the wedding"
"me too" poseiden adds in as the disapeer.
then percy pulls me into a long amazing kis almost a good as the best underwater kiss ever.
" I love u percy"
" i love u too" he says as he slips the ring on and kisses me again.
As we drive home pagina im so excited planning the wedding and thinking gof names of our children that a totally forget about work, until tomorrow at least.
im looking at the beautiful diamond on the ring and the i relize that there is something on the ring that says "ill love u forever" i say out loud so percy can hear "me too" we say at the same time.

its may and the dag of our wedding. we are having it on the strand of mot alk, alken (vogels) with the whole camp and family and friends. we say our vows and and we kiss and head of to the reception which is on a boot posiden let us use. its beautiful we dance have fun. have a wonderful day. suddenly percy takes me aside and says. "i love u and i would never want anything but this" i kiss him and say "me too"

2 years later
percy is rushing me to the hospital im went int o labor with our first baby. as the doctors wheel me away i say "Ill lov u forever" and percy says back "me too" as he lets the doctors take me away.

Percy's POV
Its been 2 months since lillian rachel jackson was born. she has annabeths blonde curls and greens eyes with a hint of grey in them. its so weird how much she looks like annabeth. she loves boeken and blocks and is really smart obviously she cant talk but shes smart for her age. today we are going to camp halfblooded thalia and the hunters will be there and all are other friends.
We pull into the camp parking lot to see a welcome back party. connor is there with his wife courtney and there 1 jaar old son justin (courtney loved justin bieber) and travis and katie with a big bellied katie with the looks of twins written all over it. nico and his fiancé vanessa are there holding hands (vanessa is a daughter of iris) thalia and the hunters are waving, as jason decided to stay at camp half blood he is there with piper and an also baby bump of a belly. leo and hazel who visits the greek camp are getting married in 10 days. And even clarisse is there to great us with chris but they are still just dating.
"hey, look at the cutie" thalia says running up to us grabbing a laughing lily from annabeth.
"hey thals" annabeth says.
"she is adorable" " wonder how shes so cute judging door the two of you"
" hallo ' we both say
"annabeth u look great talk to me they say walking away but still handing me lily.
"dadda" she says
"yeah im your dadda" i say as nico and vanessa walk up to us.
" hallo bro" nico says
"hi percy" vanessa says awkwardly, she used to have a crush on me
" hello vanessa and nico my man congrats."
"on what?"
" well the fiancé and your job"
"thnx perce couldn't have done it without you"
" no problem" i say as the rest of my vrienden come and great me and katie takes lily from me.
AN dtravis yells" be careful your 8 1/2 months pregnant"
" oh honey don't worry bout me " she says as lily and her go with courtney and justin to find annabeth a nd thalia. everyone eventually scatters and annabeth and i go to talk to chiron.
"long time no see, chiron, how are you" I say
" fine thank u percy, now who is this?" chiron says smiling at lily.
" this is lily" annabeth says for her.
"well u are very cut e lily" chiron says to her and lily giggles. we finish talking to chiron and head for the posieden cabin.
camp goes door as ever except we are always watching lily of having someone babysit.
katie went into labor half way through our thrip and had a beautiful twin baby girlsnamed Emma josephine stoll and mia elizabeth stoll. she looks just like travis i hope she doesn't act like him. we lft camp and headed home pagina the volgende week.

5 years later
annabeth and i now have three kids we had twins three years after lily was born there names are ava thalia jackson and chad micheal jackson. they both have my black hair and annabeths grey eyes with a hint of green the opposite of lily. we live a happy life annabeth isnt working currently but i work a high paying job as a marine biologist. we visit camp every year.
connor and courtney have 2 kids justin(6) selena (1)
travis and katie have twins emma and mia (5)
nico and vanessa have one daughter names bianca after his sister and she is 2 years old now
jason and piper have 3 kids dakota (4) abby(2 1/2) jacob was born 3 weeks ago
hazel and leo have one daughter named after hazels best friend who died of cancer Gwendolyn JAsmine Valdez
Chris and clarisse married but do not have kids.

Annabeth and percy died of old age and there children became successful and they were proud.
hazel and leo died in a house brand while gwen was at school in the 4th grade jason and piper took care of her until jason died in a plane crash and later piper in a car crash when all the kids were at college. katie died of breast cancer at 54 and travis died of old age along with connor and courtney.
nico and vanessa lived until they were 40 when a monster attacked there house because there daughter is powerful. and at tracked the monsters.
thalia live until 1000 until she was killed during a hunt and artemis put her in the stars.
clarisse and chris died of a surprise drakon attack unarmed they didn't have any children.