Percy had just gone to sleep after a long dag at camp.Youd think hed just doze until mornin' right?WRONG!!!(remember hes still sleepn'!!)Percy got out of bed and walked out the front door at his usual time 11:15,early riser right?So he was in still in his boxers,when suddenly,"YANKEE DOODLE DANDY!FIND THE MUSES,AND THE NICO!AND WITH THE FUNYUNS BE SAAAAANDY!!!!!!"(to the tune of yankee doodle)and he sung that all the entire way to the Hades cabin.When he got there he went inside and yelled right into Nicos ear,"BARNYS GONNA FIND YOU!!!AND ELMOS HIDING IN YOUR CLOSET!!!!"after that he ran to the Athena cabine when he got there he left a half eaten tin can and a note at Malcomes nightstand.The note said,Dear you, I have left this jar of manyas for u to get a pedicore,welcome!!then he left for the big house,when he got there he found Chiron and Mr.D playing pin the tale on the Chiron,Im sure Chiron was forsed into it.Anyways,when he got there he walked up to Mr.D and asked him,"why do u swim in rainbows?!?!?!?"and Mr.D just got out a nice pair of gloves and slapped himself with them yelling,"HANG IN THERE BUDDY!!JUST ANOTHER 96 meer YEARS!!JUST 96!!!"after that strange outburst Chiron took this as his chance to sneak away out to the archery field.After that our little syco sleeper,subconsiously decided to head to the Afrodite cabin,there he went in and desided to do a little art-work with the poor girls, and man make-up on the floor.Then he headed back to his cabin,and laid back down on his bed.Then he finaly woke up,he put on he rest of his clothes and heard a knoking at his door,when he opened it,he saw a very grateful looking Chiron.Chiron said,"well my bow,im very thankful for your,um...unusual help,"and with that he started walking back to the Big House,leaving a very confused percy.a uur later...percy had just gotten back from archery lessons,where he hit a few unsuspecting hermes kids.When he got to his door,he found a,what looked like a rabid herd of barbies,this could only mean one thing:angry Afrodite kids.For them fretting about a broken nail of running mascara u wouldnt think they could run that fast of for so long!After having a major "jog" he finaly lost them when he ran into the Athena cabine to find an very angrey Malcome,"WHAT THE HADES!!!YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO toon YOUR FACE AROUND HERE!!!DO u KNOW WHAT I HADE TO DO TO ESCAPE THOSE PERVES?!?!!OH WAIT,I THINK u DO!!!BECAUSE u OBVIOUSLY SENT ME TO THE ONLY CREEPY LITTLE PEDACURE GIVING SHOP,THAT EXEPTS MANYAS FOR CASH IF u WANT TO GO THRUOGH WHAT I DID!!!!I CANT BE-"he never got to finish that statement because percy bolted out the door.No one saw percy for the rest of the day,for he was locked in his cabin,by Mr.D.after that the vidio stopped and the olympions were all rolling on the floor,exept for Hera(shes a party pooper!!),Athena(who was just merely shaking her head),Artemis(who onley cracked a smile),and Mr.D for he was still stuck a t camp.After everyone was back on thier thrones,they all turned to Hephteus,(dont know how to spell his name,so just deal with it.for now I shall call him Heph.)and Appolo said,"dude!where did u get this vidio?!"and heph. just replied,"I have my resources,"and everyone simply said,"the Stolls,"and Heph. just nodded.