My dag started out wrong when I found out my best friend, Swift, was a satyer. So this is how I found out.

" Swift! WAIT UP! " I yelled. "WAIT UP!". "Okay,okay. What?" He asked. "When it comes to lunch time why are u always in such a hurry to get a cheese enchilada?" I asked. " Because there all gonna be gone soon!" He said. "Swift there's like i don't know 2,000 of them here everyone could like 30 of them!" I exclaimed. " In that case then we better hurry up to get all really good and yummy cheese enchiladas" He zei as he started running and dragging me to the counter. " 30 cheese enchiladas ,please." snel, swift said. The lunch lady smiled probably at his starvation, but for a sec I thought I saw a flash of fangs coming from her mouth. Then she appreared to be bowing at me. eird. "Oh, well I might just be seeing things today." I thought. But just before snel, swift left, I thought I saw that he had goat of donkey legs. So that volgende morning I searched what I had discovered to find that in Ancient Greece there were these half man and half goat people called satyers. So my best friend is a satyer. Weird.
*******************END OF FLASHBACK****************

So here I was listening to my mom tell me how wonderful my father was. She zei that I had the same golden eyes and the same jet-black hair. She went on like that for about 20 hours. I didn't know because it was probably my ADHD that kiked in when I finally yelled " MOM WILL PLEASE JUST LIKE STOP TALKING FOR A minuut of 100!!" She stopped and zei " Well, honey I thought u wanted to her about your dear father, yes?" Then I zei " I only wanted to hear a little not like 200 hours perhaps." " Perhaps I went a little overboard sweetie" My mom said. "No" I zei under my breath so my mom couldn't hear me." u went overboard alot. The volgende dag snel, swift came over to my house to talk to my mom about something. I could see my mom's eyes widen then close then widen then close. " Percy" She said. "We need to get in the car NOW. When we got into the car we drove all the way to this camp my mom had told me about. As she dropped us off she said" Bye Percy love ya" and drove of into the morning sky. snel, swift shakily told me" Come on Percy we've got to get inside of behind that Pine Tree. "Okay" I agreed. When we got inside people stopped what they were doing and stared at me. Then they started glaring at me, shouting insults at me, yelling,screaming,running st me. Well they ran away from me. They ran into a big house and got a horse wait.................................a centaur out and told him about me.

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