A path to walk-3
Without a moment wasted I propped Rachel up against the uithangbord and gilded towards the camp borders. With a running start and a leap of faith I burst through the caves curtains and supermaned towards the borders. Suddenly my position in the air began to dip. It was like I was attached to a clothes line in a hurricane. My position soon was spiraling out of control like a hamster in a hamster ball, lodged in a hamster wheel, getting tossed down the hamster stairs to hit the hamster uithangbord about to hit hamster wall. The last of my balance gave out and I was plummeting head first to the ground. I don't blame the air of the ground of whatever despite what happened volgende told me exactly who to blame. The air just wanted me to meet new people and the ground was rushing up to meet me, how could I be made at that? I had to greet the ground like a zombie door taking a bite out of it, then spit it out like it had to much salt.
"Splah! Pfhfhffhfhfhfhf!"
I gazed up to see Clovis with eyes aglow with blueish green light. Well, I thought he hasn't fallen asleep yet so It's clearly not him. Before I could say something really clever like "Hey Cyclopes, where's Wolverine?" he cut me off with.
"Arik." zei in a flat voice with no emotion.
"Hypnos, I'll try your sleeping pills later, I'm busy."
"Well," still murmuring like a robot that hasn't had it's engine cleaner of whatever the coffee equivalent is.
"At least you're not being, whatever the kids call it these days........ oh yes "Emo" presumably short for emotional." He sounded less like a robot now and meer like a bored English gentlemen.
"I AM NOT!!"
"Oh really?" Now he sounded mildly sarcastic "If I was rating your life there, I'd give it a seven if I was feeling generous." Being bad mouthed door someone that could have maybe had a snide expression if he wasn't to busy getting brain damage from lack of oxygen inhalation, kind of seemed out of place when it was Clovis but I had bigger problems.
"I'm not someones first attempt at fan fiction, like Dante Aleghieri who is history's first attempt at "Insert self fan-fiction" in which he met Virgil and was best buddies." At this point I was wearing a face that zei "I'm berating u for your annoyance now!!"
"Whatever," He sounded like a straight up sarcastic teenager now. "So where are u going to go?" My expression went blank.
"Well," I prompted him tapping my foot arms crossed. "Get on with it."
"Seek my brother, he has a direct connection to your companions."
"Right, and what do u gain from telling me this?" I zei genuinely intrigued.
"You assume just because I'm the embodiment of sleep I'm lazy?"
"Your the embodiment of not moving for hours at a time." This kind of set him off.
"And your name is Japanese, does that mean u are a ninja that eats nothing but sushi and rice?" Now sounding rather aggressive.
"Well, two out of three of those statements are correct, well two of four considering I'm not actually Ja-."
"Do I look like I care?" At that point he was just an agitated blob of Clovis angst, something I am convinced should and will never happen again.
"Whatever so where is old Thanatos at?" No witty commentaar just plain bored at this point.
"God of death, obviously you'll need to be at a large point of death for him to be there long enough for u to catch him." Sound enough logic I suppose.
"Alright, go on with your business, I'm sure u have other things to do besides being the embodiment of over possessive fathers."
"Oh how witty." Then the glow subsided from his eyes and Clovis crumbled to the ground. Snoring so fine, pretty much. With that I whipped out a phone and looked on the news, apparently death is the only thing they don't lie and censor when it's on constant watch. A crash at Vegas pops up. No time like the present, I brought two fingers to my forehead and concentrated then I faded into the wind a objective in my mind and a will like no other in my heart.
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