Heyo! Since Phoenix went through all the trouble to find the old rules (I had to find this again...) and he was right about the question: When can spoilers be geplaatst on the club of something (I forget the question, but Phoenix knows all, and sees all! -Not like a stalker-) So I figured it's been a while since people have looked at this.

So here we go again. Please try to follow these rules. THANKSH GUIUZZZZZ :DDD

Disclaimer: These epic rules were made door Amphitrite and Hecate A.


1. Chapter stories should go in the forum. Short stories (one chapter stories/one shots) go in the articles. It is annoying having to zoek out artikels to find the specific chapter u are looking for. door keeping chapter stories in a specific thread it is less confusing, less troubling, and a whole lot easier for people to navigate and find the chapters they are looking for.

2. Please use proper grammar/spelling. Nothing can bring u out of a story meer than trying to understand what the auteur is saying. If u would like someone to review your piece for u to make sure it is virtually mistake free, of u just want someone to let u know if it sounds good, send me a PM.

3.NO LEMONS! No one wants to read a story about nothing but doing the dirty, so please save your lemons for another site. If Lemons are geplaatst they will be reported. u have been warned.

4. Do not abandon your stories. I look at stories like children, abandoning them is wrong, and it is annoying to get into a story and never get to finish it because someone got lazy of bored. If u don't plan on finishing your story, then don't publiceer it.

5. Please put a rating on your story. We never know who is reading our stories. We wouldn't want a little kid reading something we wouldn't want Grandma to see, would we? Please use the rating system below:

YC- suitable for kids age 5 and up (No violence, bad language, of adult themes.)

C-suitable for age 10 and up (Mild violence, no bad language and no adult themes.)

YA-suitable for age 13 and up (May contain violence, and some bad language)

T-suitable for 15 and up (May contain violence, bad language, and some adult themes)

M-suitable for 17 and up (May contain violence, bad language, and adult themes)

.Please use an informational form. Although creativity cannot be contained and is sometimes sloppy, please use a proper form for the informational part of your story (the part that lets everyone know what your story is about and all that jazz.) Please use the form gegeven below. (This does not pertain to short stories, please see the form below the first one.)

Title: [Your titel Here]

Rating: [Rate your fan fic. here]

Type: [Please put what genre u think your story falls into, u can use multiple genres.]

Characters: [Please put the central characters here. If one of them is of your own creation put OC]

Synopsis: [Put a brief beschrijving of your story here, u don't have to give away the ending, but let people know what they are getting into]

Disclaimer: [So we don't get in trouble here, please give R.R. (or whoever deserves it) credit]

A/N: [Put your author's notes here. They can pertain to the story of they can be dedications]

Rating: [Please rate your story here]

Disclaimer: [Give credit where credit is due.]

A/N: [Put your Author's notes here.]

7. No bullying. This really pertains to people who commentaar on your story. If u commentaar on a story, please be nice, and if u insist on critisism make it constructive. If u don't have anything good to say, don't say it at all! Violators will be reported!

8. Let us know when u publiceer a story of a chapter! Go to the uithangbord and post a brief message to get the news out that your story is up! Don't be obnoxious about it though, don't spam of anything, one message will do it.

9. HAVE FUN! Your story is just that, yours. The whole point of fan fic (in my opinion) is to have fun and get all those crazy thoughts out of your head. Don't let anyone push u around. u do not have to accept requests, u do not have a deadline for publishing, and there are certainly no limitations (other than the ones above) on your story. If someone is trying to tell u anything different, meld them of let me know.

10. Don’t just post fan fiction. There are sites designed especially for that and this isn’t one of them.(If u want that I recommend wattpad and FF.net) Yes we allow fanfiction, but please contribute in other ways


1. NO SPAMMING! Although u may not be able to resist it, please try to refrain from spamming the thread. It is annoying and it makes it harder for other Fanpoppers to figure out what is being talked about. So please keep the thread spam free. We don't want a messy thread do we?

2. Don't Go Off Topic. That is to say, if your commentaar isn't about the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series of the Heroes of Olympus series, then save it for the random spot of your post script. We don't care if Bigfoot visited your house and ransacked your fridge last night, so don't post it without contributing to the converstation on the thread.

3. Don't post several consecutive comments. Same as with the other rules. Commenting like this is very annoying and makes the thread look messy. Instead of posting a string of little comments, combine them into one larger comment. If u think of something else u want to say after you've geplaatst go back and check to see if anyone geplaatst after you. If u were the last to commentaar on the thread, then click the pas aan button under your comment. If u don't know which button is the "edit" button, it is the pencil. After u click on the pencil a text box will pop up with your post in it. Simply add your afterthought to the original commentaar and bevestig it again.

4. Use Proper Grammar. I’ll be posting a grammar guide if u don’t get what that means.
5. NO CROSSOVERS! Again FF.net is a great website.


1. Names/Terms
Zeus- pronounced Zoo-s. King of the Olympians; God of the sky; One of the Big Three

Hades- pronounced Hay-dees. God of the Underworld; One of the "Big Three"

Poseidon- pronounced Po-sigh-don. God of the Sea; One of the "Big Three"

Hera- pronounced Hare-a of Hear-a. Goddess of family and marriage; Queen of the Olympians

Demeter- pronounced Da-met-er. Goddess of the harvest and of the seasons.

Hestia- prnounced Hess-ti-a of Hess-tay-a. Goddess of the Hearth and home.

Athena- pronounced A-thee-nuh. Goddess of wisdom and war.

Apollo- pronounced A-paul-o. God of poetry, music, and medicine. Also he is the god of the sun. Twin brother to Artemis

Artemis- pronounced Ar-teh-miss. Godess of the hunt, animals, and maidens. She is also the goddess of the moon. Twin sister of Apollo.

Hephaestus- pronounced Hef-ays-tuss of He-fes-tuss. God of fire, the forge, and craftsman.

Hermes- pronounced Her-meez. God of merchants, travellers, and theifs. He is also the Herald of the gods.

Ares- pronounced Air-eez. God of war.

Aphrodite- pronounced Af-row-dye-tee. Goddess of love, joy, and lust.

Dionysus- pronounced Dye-o-nye-suss of Dye-on-a-sus. God of theatre, grapes, and wine.

Persephone- pronounced Pur-sef-o-knee. Godess of Spring; Wife of Hades; Queen of the Underworld

Amphitrite- pronounced Am-fi-try-tee. Goddess of the sea; Wife of Poseidon.

Chiron- pronounced Kear-on of Key-ron. The centaur who trained heroes.

Charon- pronounced Care-on. Ferryman of the dead.

Thanatos- Tha-naw-tos- God of the death

Hecate- pronounced Heck-a-tay of Heck-a-tee. Goddess of magic.

Nemesis- prnounced Nem-ih-sis. Goddess of revenge.

Janus- pronounced Jan-us of Jay-nus. Roman god of decisions.

Boreas- pronounced Bore-e-us. God of the North wind.

Zephyros- pronounced Zef-ear-os. God of the West wind

Euros- pronounced Yer-os. God of the East wind.

Aeolus- pronounced A-o-luss of Ee-o-luss. Keeper of the Winds

Anemoi Thuellai- pronounced An-ih-moy Thu-a-lay- The bad winds

Pegusus/pegusai- pronounced Peg-uh-suss/Peg-uh-sigh. Winged horse(s)

Cyclops- prnounced Sigh-clops. One eyed monster.

Atlas- pronounced At-lus. Titan who holds the earth and the sky apart.

Gaea- pronounced Guy-a, Gay-a, Gee-a, of Jee-a. (Yes, those are all accepted pronunciations.) Mother earth.

Kronos- pronounced Crow-nos. Titan lord of time and father of the 6 elder Olympians.

Menemosyne- prnounced Meh-nem-o-sah-knee, Meh-nem-o-son-knee, of Meh-nem-o-see-knee. Titan goddess of memory.

Lethe- prnounced Lee-thee. River of Forgetfulness and the goddess of forgetfulness

Eris- pronounced Air-iss of Ee-ris. Goddess of Chaos, dischord, and competition.

Hesperides- pronounced Hess-pair-ih-dees. Daughters of Atlas; Goddesses of Dusk and Dawn; Keepers of the garden of the Hesperides.

Circe- pronounced seer-see of Sur-see. Witch residing in the Sea of Monsters.

Calypso- pronounced Ka-lip-so. Daughter of the titan Atlas who resides on Ogygia.

Ogygia- pronounced Oh-jee-jee-a. Residential island of Calypso

Delphi- pronounced Dell-fee of Dell-Fye. Town at the base of Mt. Parnassus; home pagina of the Oracle of Delphi.

Dryad- pronounced Dry-add. boom nymph/spirit.

Neried- pronounced Nee-reed. Water nymph/spirit.

Oceanid/Okeanid- pronounced O-she-an-id/O-kee-an-id. Sea nymph/spirit.

Medusa- pronounced Meh-doo-sah. Monster with snakes for hair known as a Gorgon.

Minotaur- pronounced Men-o-tar. Monster with the head of a stier and the body of a man.

Medea- pronounced Meh-dee-uh of Meh-day-uh. Witch who fell in love with the mythical Jason.

Argus- pronounced Ar-gus. A security gaurd (in the series') with a thousand eyes all over his body.

Olympus- pronounced O-limp-us. Kingdom of the Gods; Located above the Empire State Building in the series'.

Tartarus- pronounced Tar-tar-us of Tart-uh-rus. A place in the Underworld where the bad titans are imprisoned.

Styx- Main river of the Underworld on which oaths are sworn; The Goddess of the aforementioned river.

Stygian- pronounced Sti-jee-an. Of of made from Styx; Of the Underworld.

Hercules/Heracles- pronounced Her-que-leez/Hare-a-cleez of Hear-a-cleez. Hero who completed 12 labors and became immortal. Name litteraly translates to "Fame of Hera" which conflicts with the tales of the hero because Hera was his enemy.

Hebe- pronounced Hee-bee. Goddess of youth.

Iris- pronounced eye-riss. Goddess of the rainbow; Messenger of Hera.

Peitho- pronounced Pay-thow. Goddess of persuation and seduction.

Elysium- pronounced Eh-lis-ee-um. A part of the Underworld where those who have died a heroic death of lead a moral life go when they pass away.

Any questions? Feel free to ask me. If u notice people breaking these rules please tell them to stop. If they repeatedly ignore u meld them. Together we can keep this club spam free, alive and functioning.

~ And please, please, try to listen to the admins. We're trying to clean the club. Also, Thanks to Phoenix because he reminded me we needed the rules up again...so yeah. YAY FOR PHOENIX <(^-^)> -HUG- ~
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