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door the way, Jason and some Camp Jupiter peeps are in Camp Half-Blood.

All the characters belong to Rick Riordan!


It was just another boring dag in Camp Half-Blood. Thalia was busy shooting down pigeons. Jason and Percy were busy sparring. Annabeth was busy screaming and running away from a spider. Nico was busy stepping on the spider. Piper, Leo, Frank and Hazel were busy making fun of Octavian. AND Reyna and Clarisse were busy sparring, also.

So, yeah. A normal day.

All it took to change the course of a normal dag was a note attached to a book called,"The Lost Hero" and fall from the sky.

And of course, the Stoll brothers and Katie HAD to find the book and HAD to startle everyone and Percy HAD to cut Jason.

"Ow." zei Jason.

"He did it," Percy pointed at Travis and then rummaged through Percy's work-out bag for necter.

Everyone gathered around to see.

"I'll read it!" Percy volunteered.

"Let me see u try," Countered Annabeth. "What's the name of the book?"

"Um..." Percy tried. "That-toot-teeter-"

"Oh, just let me read it," Katie quickly cut in. "Me and the Stolls found it anyway."

Everyone agreed and Katie read,

'Jason I'

"Oh, this better be good..." Conner rubbed his hands together.

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