Percy Jackson (He was born to play PJ)
'Sup fanpoppers! This is MY dream cast. Don't go making rude commentaren because I chose a particular actor/ actress that u don't like. Go make your own dream cast. Who's stopping you? Hope u like it!

Percy Jackson: Logan Lerman

Annabeth Chase: Alexandra Daddario

Grover Underwood: Brandon T. Jackson

Thalia Grace: Paloma Kwiatkowski

Luke Castellan: Jake Abel

Jason Grace: Alexander Ludwig

Piper McLean: Lacey Chabert

Leo Valdez: Jake T. Austin

Hazel Lévesque: Kelsey Chow

Frank Zhang: Ryan Potter (Thank u to hatelarxene!)

Octavian: Sterling Knight

Rachel Elizabeth Dare: Bella Thorne

Reyna: Kaya Scolendario

Tyson: Douglas Smith

Nico di Angelo: Name Unknown

Bianca di Angelo: Unknown (please suggest in comments)

Clarisse La Rue: Leven Rambin

Silena Beauregard: Zoe Aggeliki

Charles Beckendorf: Unknown (please suggest in comments)


That's it! If there are any meer characters tell me and I will add them! Please suggest only demigods of MAJOR characters for example Tyson. Hope u liked it!

Grover Underwood
Annabeth Chase
Piper McLean
Jason Grace
Rachel Dare
Thalia Grace
Luke Castellan
Hazel Levesque
Leo Valdez
I think he should play Nico but I don't know his name
Frank Zhang
Clarisse La Rue
Silena Beauregard