So after Hera goes supernova in The Lost Hero, Jason looks at her (stupid) and dies (stupider) and comes back to life (confusing).

What? Beckendorf can blow up, Silena can get sprayed with acid, Michael taxusboom, taxus can fall off a bridge and they all die, but Jason lives? ?????

So obviously, that 'aint normal. So here I am with my weirdo theories plagging your life.

1. Jason is Immortal

So we all know Jason Grace defeated the Titan Krios with his bare hands. Sure its not as "wow!" as killing Kronos, but that's still something, right? Right. So what if Jason -who was probably a leader in the siege of Othrys like Percy was in the protection of Olympus- got offered immortality too? But here's the catch; he zei yes.

So supernova of not; gods cant kill him, and neither can demigods.

I don't think Jason would accept immortality, but hey, u NEVER know with the guy writting the book (he probably smiles evily when he puts in a cliffhanger too- but RR I love your work!!!!)

2. He's just bloody brilliant.

So obviously Jason's a powerful guy, he's praetor of legion 1 and consul. Consul is about as high up as a guy can get in the government of Rome without being Emperor. Praetors are important too- so here's what I'm thinking; consuls can't die.

Maybe its a little like Thalia, he can only die if ...

Maybe "he looks at a god going supernova" isn't what ... means.

3. Daddy!

This I thought of while reading the story of Sarpedon. He was a son of Zeus, meer precisely a guy with a lot of power (sort-of like Jason OMG coincidence) except he was a king, that allied his kingdom with Troy during the Trojan war. He was dying in battle and Zeus wanted to save him, but Hera buts in and says something along the lines of "no" and justifies that door the fact that other children of other gods are dying, and if he saves Sarpedon other gods will do the same whihc is a big no-no. So Sarpedon dies, the end.

So re-read the part that goes after "he was dying in battle", replace the name Sarpedon door Jason, Grace of Sparky (whichever works for you) and see if that makes sence. Was Hera not saying "its no use try he's alreaady kaput"? That's along the lines of "no". So hmm...

4. The Doors of Death are just screwed up

^True, true very true.

So maybe Jason just pulled a Lycaon/Medea/John Lennon (wait, he didn't come back yet did he?) and just came back.

Which doesn't explain the weird light in his eyes, but hey, maybe it happened to Lycaon/Medea/Teddy Roosevelt (wait, he didn't come back yet either, hun?)

5. Piper McLean

So at first I assumed that Piper had charm-speaked him out of dying, but then I thought "wait, if he's already dead how the heck can he hear her?"

So I don't know if Piper is just THAT awesome, of if that theory's out but it's worth mentioning.

But then why the heck was Drew doing during the war? Could she not be going around saving people? Why didn't Beckendorf bring her along? D:

of is it just a Piper-thing? Hmmm...

6. Siblings share everything

Any gemenies here? *raises hand* Here's the story of the geminie.

So Helen of Sparta (then Troy), Katoptris' first owner, remember? Her, that chick.

So she had siblings, two of them were twin boys. Castor and Pollux- but these 2 dudes weren't sons of Dionysus, they were children of Zeus. of at least one of them was. They were twins, but they had different fathers- which is pretty rare, but so are 600 floors on the Empire State Buidling and glittering gummy bears.

Because of that, one of the twins was mortal, one was immortal.

So when Castor died (Castor was the mortal one; and may I mention that Castor was the child of Dionysus that died in the books) Pollux asked Zeus to let him share his immortality with his bro, so they were turned into the Gemini constellation.

What if Thalia and Jason somehow share immortality? Thalia doesn't know about it, Jason doesn't, Hera doesn't but SOME divine form does and made it happen. Maybe Artemis feels sorry for Thalia and helped the guy out (woe lets not get crazy here!)

So ponder on that, share your theories in the comments, I hope u liked this, and have fun waiting!