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hi.. theyre kissing soo? nothing OKAY?
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one summer, in the burning heat of the sun, the ghost king made a decision to follow the beat of his own drum. For years, he had treated himself like a disease, making himself foreign to friendship. One part of him knew that it wasn't what he wanted but the other half shot him down and decided that it was the only way to live. But it wasn't the only way to live.

One day, in the heat of the sun, the ghost king decided it was time to stop hiding from everyone.

Chapter 1 will be geplaatst soon (this was just a preview)
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This is based after BoO. sooo YeAH!


He was surprised to see Calypso come out with another girl, the new girl had long black hair, blueish- green eyes and freckles along her cheeks. His immediate though was: Calypso knows Katniss Everdeen?
Calypso cleared her throat. " Leo, this is Olympia, she was landed here last week, while trying to escape a bunch of weird over-active hunger games supporters."
Olympia smiled " I know, I beer a vague resemblance to Katniss. Now can we go?" Calypso giggled. " Olympia gets very agitated sometimes, but she is right u know. We should go." Leo immediately pulled them onto Festus, yelling " FOR THE ARGO II!
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He ran back to the Argo II, afraid and hopeful at the same time, just in time to see Piper and Hazel dragging Annabeth's lifeless body across the gras " NO! He yelled!", he cradled her cool head, the one that never again would spout random facts he didnt want. He knelt, distraught. Slowly, everyone left. He would'nt. His only though was Annabeth. After a few hours, Nico came." Percy, I know this is tough, but if she is gone, she cant come back." He thought." Can u get to her as a ghost?"
Nico shrugged " I suppose, but its late Percy, tomorrow."
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I know what your thinking, WTH this is crap. but i try. I'm rubbish, four people have read these and i will never have a chance. So im writing this for my satisfaction, but if your still here, i guess u want this :

Percy POV

Percy was surprised at Annabeth's reaction.
" Fine,we should tell Chiron, and start training the others."
" Percy," He turned, and Olympia stood behind him. He blurted " u look like Katniss Everdeen!" She frowned, then shrugged. "Listen, if im basically a goddess, i should be a good trainer of fighter. So... when do we begin.?" She grinned, and punched his arm. "C'mon Seaweed Brain, theres a [iworld[/i] to be saved"


He was barely surprised to see three, hot sticky campers. But it was their news that shook him " A war? door Tartarus? Surely your joking"
Annabeth smiled. " I dont joke when im probably gonna die."
He sighed. " u win. Call a meeting, this needs discussion"
 u look like Katniss Everdeen
You look like Katniss Everdeen
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We all know the new series will revolve around the new Great Prophecy Rachel made in the end of The Last Olympian. Nobody can be sure what it means, but these are some theories and opinions about its meaning.

"Seven halfbloods should answer the call
The meaning of this line seems quite obvious. The problem is who are the seven halfbloods? The new characters we met in the sample chapters - Jason, Leo and Piper - are most likely to lead the group. Rick Riordan promised he wouldn't throw too many new characters at us, so we may meet some old characters from PJO, such as Thalia, Nico, Clarrise,...
continue reading...
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Let's remember 2013
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credit goes to Moonchie360
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