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burdge-bug is an amazing artist which is how i even got inspired to continue art! get that pencil!
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posted by hollistergurl
This is my first attempt at a songfic, so hope u guys like! The song is "Better Than Revenge" door Taylor Swift, and is kind of describing how Reyna feels about the whole Jason-Piper thing.

As the Argo 2 landed, I kept on thinking about the song I received yesterday from my mother, Bellona, Nyx, and Apollo. They had gegeven me a package that contained one single song on an expensive iPod (figures). I had opened it, curious, and found a letter.

To Reyna,
You and Jason are good friends, maybe still will be. But be warned; u will find another girl at his side, and they may have become closer.
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This is my first artikel but i've been reading about what everyone thought for a while and chose to tell u my idea's

Jason- I know everyone is convinced it's Boreus but I think its Zeus for a few reasons. First he survived the lightning, and his sword absorbed the other stike aimed at him. seconde he flew and I know that noone in mythology with Zeus for a father flew and Thalia can't fly, but Thalia is scared of heights she's not one I can see to jump off a cliff and flap her arms like a chicken. Another thing in Titans Curse while going to Mt. Tam she got scared of the lightning, but she wasn't...
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posted by Alex13126
 If u look closely, u can see a blurry Percabeth foto beneath the oranje square thing.
If you look closely, you can see a blurry Percabeth photo beneath the orange square thing.
So I thought it was veilig to say that these artikels were a go, but hey, feel free to yell at me if they're not. I copied/sort of changed the format of this from another club's "Getting to Know" articles.

My name's Kara, but everyone I that I know online calls me Alex. I'm 14 years old, I'm in 8th grade, and I'm turning 15 on September 6th. My name comes from my first OC character that I actually really loved, and 13 was her age when I first made her. I may seem really calm, but when u get to know me, you'll realize that I'm not in any way. I'm a roleplayer on three different sites,...
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brand in his hands
Love in his heart
Pain in his eyes
Trouble about to start
Moving in rome
Finding his home
On the outside
Though he feels so alone
All the joking and laughter
Justbhides the pain
It hides all thenpain
That keeps him sane
He looks to his hands
And sees the flame dancing
He sits wishing
Wishing he could be special
u might say hes special
But he doesnt think so
Fixing everyones problems
Instead of his own
Feels like an ousider
Abandoned, and cold
Lost and lonley
Afraid and alone
He wants to fit in
To be a subject of power
But he just slides back down
Like nothing.
Though he isnt nothing
He is a special guy
And if u look him in the eye u will see
That all he wants is to be happy
And to remain that way for eternity.

the end
The snake-haired ladies were starting to annoy Percy.
They should have died three days geleden when he dropped
a krat of bowling balls on them at the Napa Bargain Mart.
They should have died two days geleden when he ran over them
with a police car in Martinez. They definitely should have
died this morning when he cut off their heads in Tilden Park.
No matter how many times Percy killed them and watched
them crumble to powder, they just kept re-forming like large
evil dust bunnies. He couldn’t even seem to outrun them.
He reached the top, boven of the heuvel and caught his breath. How
long since he’d last...
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 It looks like a mountain...but at the same time it looks like clouds....
It looks like a mountain...but at the same time it looks like clouds....
I was looking at the cover and noticed some stuff i was confused about...

so the upperpart of the cover... Are those mountains of are those clouds?? cause to me it looks like a mmounain.....but it could be clouds...

 notice the lightning??
notice the lightning??

so does anyone else notice the lightning around the eagle?? is it coming from the staff?? of is it coming from the supposed clouds?? and if it is coming from the supposed clouds..Why in that one area?? which makes me think its coming from the staff.

 notice the large snow/water/cloud at the bottom near the water??
notice the large snow/water/cloud at the bottom near the water??

Also notice the crumbling greek like...
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posted by InkandPen
Why does every one think Reyna is a b**ch? I mean annabeth was just like her when we were first introduced to HER!! she seemed uptight and unaccepting too but now look..... Reyna's just has a bad life! She's Praetor for gods' sake.. she needs to present her self in a certain way... everyone needs to look up to her! she has to be and example to everyone aat camp! and to those of u who say that JasonXReyna is wrong and jason should be with piper, well think about it this way... if it were reversed and rick riordan had written about the roman camp, Jason would be like percy, reyna, like annabeth and piper like Rachel!
and we would be saying things like this about ANNABETH AND PERCY FOR GODS' SAKE!! THAT AS WRONG AS KILLING PUPPIES!!
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posted by GreekRULES515
Leo walked over to the Aphrodite cabine the minuut when he was within a ten feet radius alarms went off.
"What the!" Leo exclaimed jumping.
The door banged open and out walked out two girls, Jenny and Haley. They saw Leo and scowled.
"Gods Leo go away!" Jenny said.
"What did I do? What if I was here to see Piper?" Leo asked.
"Um Piper hates this cabine she says it makes her gag, u know she's probably at the strand with Jason." Haley zei crossing her arms.
"Whatever what' with the alarms?" He zei looking fake hurt.
"We went to your sister..... Narissa? Yeah anyways, she set up alarms which would...
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