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 Camp Half-blood of Camp Jupiter??
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This The Heroes of Olympus foto contains jersey, t-shirt, t shirt, tee shirt, trui, anime, grappig boek, manga, cartoon, and stripboek.

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Piper McLean is a the kind of character I call a Mary Sue, and I hate her for it For those of u who don't know, a Mary Sue is a poorly written character (commonly found in bad fanfiction). This character is often female (a male version is a Gary Stu), and readers find her hard to believe.
Mary Sues are typically beautiful, to the point where u forget to breathe at the sight of her, and Piper is extremely beautiful. 'But she's supposed to be beautiful!' u say. 'She's the daughter of Aphrodite!' Yes, but in the PJO canon, daughters of Aphrodite are pretty much useless in battle, but not...
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