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posted by Phoenix_Stone
We know nothing about her!
I want to know if people have any theories.
So, I shall ask some onbeantwoord questions..
..unless they have been answered already, and I've just forgotten.. xD
These vragen could possibly be answered in the volgende 3 books. ;)

So here are the questions:

1. Who was Reyna's father, and why was she at Circe's Island and not with him?

Bellona had two children from the same man, so maybe it's normal for Roman demigods...
I think he could've died when they were children, so Bellona sent them to Circe's Island.
...Or maybe their father had arrived at Circe's Island when Hylla and...
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Hmm. I'm gonna give u the straight up truth from my opinion. If u don't like it, Awesome. Sue me! I don't care! I'm a 12 jaar old girl turning 13 and honestly what are u gonna do? We are online. Caps-Locks me to death? So any way I'm gonna start.

Okay. How do I like Jason. This is one I hear about all the time. I neither think he's awesome nor horrible. He's that in-between character. In PJO that character was Clarisse for me. I didn't start liking her until the forth book where I saw she was human. He's cool. He's got a great character. Like someone brought up, (icuStalker I think)...
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posted by halfblood963
Hello its me Halfblood963 i'm here to talk to u why i think this.
First i think Percy and Annabeth are not the seven cause i mean i think its supposed to be new demigods,jason might not be new to the roman camp but he is new to the greek camp and also He's the leader to the roman camp and Percy and Jason are the bridges to the two camps but Percy was already in another prophecy and didnt Rick say Percy is a supporting character and so is all the old characters.And Seven halfbloods answer the call,Leo and piper did.Jason answered the call i guess to getting his memory.But i think its gonna be different demigods new ones with extradinary powers like a child of neptune with earthquake powers and freezing powers and stuff.
Sorry if i offended anyone and stuff but also i think that since theres one roman and two greeks (jason leo and piper)then the book after focuses on the argo and the two other boeken for the four demigods.
Well bye im again sorry for offending anyone bye bye.
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