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 Annabeth and the Mark of Athena
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The Trouble with Girls, and How Percabeth May Destroy the World

    Show of hands, who loves Percy and Annabeth as a couple? Most people, though not all.
    What I like about them is how they’ve always known each other, they always will. They’re best vrienden one seconde and the volgende they’re trying to strangle each other- but u know they still love each other. They’re opposites and they complete each other, and they know each other best: always will. One meer thing: they will do anything for each other.

    So could...
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So this is my first try at a songfiction! Its Perfect, door P!nk, and this is for all those Lalia/Thuke fans out there! Constructive critism is appreciated:D


I walked into the Artemis cabin, tired from a long game of capture the flag. I was going to go to bed when I noticed a packgage sitting on my bed. In neatly written cursive, it had the name Thalia on it. Curious, I opened it and found an ipod in it. I put in the earphones and started listening,

Dear Thalia, I know that door the time u will be reading this, I will be long gone, but, the feelings are still there, so please....just...
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Rating: C

Disclaimer:Rick Riordan owns Annabeth Chase and the world of Percy Jackson. I wish I was a genius like him! The song Mine is copyright the original publisher!

A/N:Here goes! Should I make this a forum with different songs and different point of views? Review, constructive criticism appreciated!


I lay down on a soft bed in the Minerva cabin- a bed I now call mine. We’d just arrived at the Roman Camp, and I hated it. Every single inch. But…was I just so zuur, zure because Percy didn’t remember? Jason remembered some things! But Percy was clueless....
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Title: Running Out of Time
Type: Fanfiction/Songfic -- Oneshot.
Rating: T
Disclaimer: Rick Riordan owns all characters. "Running Out of Time" is a song door Barlowgirl. Es Muy bien!

Link to song: link

We are not blind
We know the truth

The demigods knew the truth, the seven knew they had to save the world. The fate of all other nations depended on their shoulders. The oblivious mortals below them wouldn’t realize doomsday was upon them until too late...

Still we don't stand
Still we don't choose

“We have to stick to the plan.” Jason commanded...
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Hello this is my first fanfic so go easy on me lol okay well here it goes commentaar please for feedback

Chapter 1
The Eternal City

I felt cold, it was dark, and i was underwater i
thought wait how can i be underwater for so long then i saw something above the water it look like some kinda dog thing i didn't know what to expect so i went up to the water and saw a wolf then the wolf spoke to me but didn't open her mouth she zei "Who are you" i was about to respond normally but i couldn't honestly remember i zei to the wolf "i don't know where and i" "your in the eternal city but i don't see how u got in here this city has great defensive uithangbord around it and guards all around" then out of know where an arrow shot straight for my face and i dodged it at the last seconde and zei to the wolf "tell the guards to stop" "No u prove your worth here" then out of nowhere i hear a loud growling sound
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