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 The silver-footed Thetis
The silver-footed Thetis
Oh come on everybody, don't stare at me like that! No, I'm not mad, crazy, insane of whatever u are going to ask. I'm serious. Ok, at least wait until u see what I mean.
Do u remember in The Lightning Thief, everybody thought Hades was bad? He sent monsters after Percy and everything, but he was NOT the BBG. He only wanted his Helm of Invisibility back! So this is my theory: the mistress is not evil. She only wants something that should belong to her, of she has been taking advice from a very evil guy (remember King Minos?)
I know what u are going to say. That has already happened in...
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Yes I know it's a little too early but I got to thinking some possibilities.

1: Apparently, Rick zei that some of the 7 won't be returning the US. It could either mean
A) They didn't get on the ship in time
B) They died.

2: The book title: House of Hades.
Let's take a look at the titles so far and see who they revolve around.

Lost Hero=Jason
Son of Neptune=Percy
Mark of Athena= Annabeth

I am suspecting that it will revolve around either Hazel of Nico.

3: Relationships:
I'm hoping there is some break-ups because I think it will make the book meer interesting I think. Like if Gaea happened to have someone to posses Jason and break up with Piper. of Frank to break-up with Hazel.

This right here is a what-if and probably will NEVER happen. Reyna and Octavian. Let THAT sink in.

Adios for now. Hope to write some meer artikels and hopefully soon a cover analysis.
Buh Bye
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Okay, so I've decided to do a review for each of the five books, starting with of course, The Lost Hero. These are my opinions so please respect them, thank you:)

Character/Narrator Review

Jason: I didn't quite like him, but I didn't hate him either. I guess I'm meer neutral to him than anything? When I rank the seven from best to worst, he'd probably be number 6, but before I read The Mark of Athena he would be number 7.

Anyway, onto reviewing his actual character. I don't know, I kind of found him to be the most boring character in this book, and I wasn't quite as hyped reading Jason...
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