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 their expressions are basically the same :')
percy jackson
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Hey, who's excited for The Mark of Athena!? *random crowd people shout and wave character flags*
Where did u get those? Nevermind. Well, this is Blitz here, ready to help interpret the words of Phoebus Apollo's Oracle of Delphi! *Rachel fans cheer*
Yeah, she's amazing, yadddayadddayaddda. Okay, so this new prophecy appeared at the end of the Last Olympian, as spoken door Rachel Elizabeth Dare. She jacks Blackjack, blah blah, is the oracle, meer blah blah, and BANG! New prophecy! Well, let's hear it! :

Seven half-bloods must answer the call
To storm of brand the world must fall
An oath to keep with...
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Hey guys :) These are my theories on the relationships of the characters.

1. Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase (AKA Percabeth)

-End of the son of neptune

. Percy hopes that Annabeth is on the ship. then again, RR probably wants to keep the suspense SO! Annabeth is either not on the ship or... the worst case scenario *Drum roll* Annabeth is confused with her feelings about Percy and some other guy? of she died. :P Lol just joking.

.Aphrodite promised Percy that she would make his love life interesting. Does that mean she'll throw Percy another girl?

2. Hazel and Frank (AKA Frazel)

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u think it would taste horrible wouldn't you? They have two completely different tastes. But u never know till u try!
For those of u who haven't caught on, pindakaas gelei And Cheese = PJ AC = Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase.
Now don't start rolling your eyes! Those of u who think this is another Percabeth tribute - hold that thought.
Don't get me wrong, I love Percabeth. I always will. They are so cute together though u wouldn't think two people so different could be so perfect for each other! Just like Ron and Hermione.
But that's just the problem. They are so damn cute, we're way...
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Go Percabeth!!!
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