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Hello this is my first fanfic so go easy on me lol okay well here it goes commentaar please for feedback

Chapter 1
The Eternal City

I felt cold, it was dark, and i was underwater i
thought wait how can i be underwater for so long then i saw something above the water it look like some kinda dog thing i didn't know what to expect so i went up to the water and saw a wolf then the wolf spoke to me but didn't open her mouth she zei "Who are you" i was about to respond normally but i couldn't honestly remember i zei to the wolf "i don't know where and i" "your in the eternal city but i don't see how u got in here this city has great defensive uithangbord around it and guards all around" then out of know where an arrow shot straight for my face and i dodged it at the last seconde and zei to the wolf "tell the guards to stop" "No u prove your worth here" then out of nowhere i hear a loud growling sound
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