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 Rachel Dare
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Because I can't stand all the hate that follows her. I love this character so much. Grow up
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This The Heroes of Olympus foto might contain teken, poster, tekst, bord, and schoolbord.

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Magical Metals
Blessed Metals are metals that can be used door demigods and Immortals to fight against monsters and other evil creatures, as well as gods and other demigods. The Greek gods and demigods use Celestial Bronze, while the Roman gods and their children use Imperial Gold. Hades, as well as those who live in the Underworld and his children (like Nico) use Stygian Iron.

Celestial Bronze

Celestial bronze is mined from Mount Olympus, then forged door the Cyclopes tempered in the hart-, hart of Mount Etna and cooled in the River Lethe. The metal does not harm mortals, considering them not important...
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Don't be deceived door the titel of this article. I don't actually know who the Seventh Half-Blood is.
But i do have some theories. Well actually, One theory.

Nico Di Angelo

1. Why him? He hasn't been seen much in the series. Even in Percy Jackson he wasn't really in the limelight for very long.
Well that's one good reason why it could be him. This could be Nico's 'Time to Shine' (that sounded much lamer than i meant it to).
Rick Riordan had probably been saving Nico, reserving his character for this big part (assuming he is the seventh half-blood).

2. It would make sense to have one child each of...
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Sorry if you've already known this. I geplaatst this artikel a long time geleden on the PJO club, but Hecate thinks it should be geplaatst again here, and I agree with her, since it's a very good interview and it gives us some useful clues about what will happen in the volgende series.

You can see the original artikel link. Visit link for further information.

Q: The presence of the entire minor god’s offspring is going to greatly change the dynamics of Camp Half Blood and not just door all the new cabins. Will a rivalry arise between children of the major gods and the children of the minor gods?
RR: A lot...
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I'm PixyStar436, and I KNOW that Mark of Athena already came out.

But I would like to just make my own version. Just beer it with me!!

Please no mean commentaren and all this stuff belongs to Rick Riordan.

Annabeth II (because I've seen the first chapter)

Okay, so that went well enough.

Annabeth wasn't sure if gods in Rome were all like this, or...

Whatever. She was only here for Percy.

Annabeth pushed into the crowd, looking for the stupid teenager she was dating. She could hear murmurs of the Romans, and as far as she could tell some of them were really shallow, though.

"Is that the girl Percy...
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