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 Jason Grace
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If those glasses were circular and black, Jason would look like a blonde Harry Potter.
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Why does every one think Reyna is a b**ch? I mean annabeth was just like her when we were first introduced to HER!! she seemed uptight and unaccepting too but now look..... Reyna's just has a bad life! She's Praetor for gods' sake.. she needs to present her self in a certain way... everyone needs to look up to her! she has to be and example to everyone aat camp! and to those of u who say that JasonXReyna is wrong and jason should be with piper, well think about it this way... if it were reversed and rick riordan had written about the roman camp, Jason would be like percy, reyna, like annabeth and piper like Rachel!
and we would be saying things like this about ANNABETH AND PERCY FOR GODS' SAKE!! THAT AS WRONG AS KILLING PUPPIES!!
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Leo walked over to the Aphrodite cabine the minuut when he was within a ten feet radius alarms went off.
"What the!" Leo exclaimed jumping.
The door banged open and out walked out two girls, Jenny and Haley. They saw Leo and scowled.
"Gods Leo go away!" Jenny said.
"What did I do? What if I was here to see Piper?" Leo asked.
"Um Piper hates this cabine she says it makes her gag, u know she's probably at the strand with Jason." Haley zei crossing her arms.
"Whatever what' with the alarms?" He zei looking fake hurt.
"We went to your sister..... Narissa? Yeah anyways, she set up alarms which would...
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Major Olympian Gods
This section is for the main gods of Olympus.

Zeus/Jupiter - God of Justice, Ruler of Olympus, Lord of the Sky
Poseidon/Neptune - God of Earthquakes, Lord of Storms, Master of the Seas
Hades/Pluto - God of Wealth, Lord of Death, Master of the Underworld
Hera/Juno - Goddess of Marriage, Patron of Motherhood, Queen of Women
Demeter/Ceres - Goddess of Agriculture, Lady of Bounty, Mistress of the Seasons
Ares/Mars - God of War, Bloodshed and Conflict, Lord of Frenzy and Wrath
Athena/Minerva - Goddess of Strategy and Wisdom, Lady of Civilization and Innovation
Apollo - God of Light and...
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 u can't really see me face, but I'm really really me. XP
You can't really see me face, but I'm really really me. XP
Im just gonna copy what Alex included in her
My name's Cara, but everyone also calls me NicoL, everyone online that is. I'm 14 years old, I'm in jaar 8(8th Grade), and I turn 15 on March jaar of course. My profiel name originated because I loved Nico, before I loved Leo, and thought licious would be a great thing to put at the end of his name...anyways. I Roleplay on the Heroes of Olympus Rp Club, made door mwah, and also write Fanfictions on the HoO Club, The Pitt and Nicolicious' House of Hades, and on as Nicolicious1. I have a DeviantART account...
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Ok now a Percabeth day. Lets review shall we? Percy and Annabeth get married, Percy dies because of Athena, Percy comes back, Annabeth almost leaves him, Percy is taken to his dads palace so he doesn't get hurt, Athena is captured, Annabeth and the rest of Percy's vrienden are at the palace. Percy and Annabeth got attacked door people who turned into dogs. This will be a Percabeth day. Maybe....... dang it. I have another idea....... uggggg we'll have to see again wont we. Wow I'm writing this and I don't even know what's going to happen! Well I am making this up as I go...... ok I'm keeping you...
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He had known ever since she turned up that Olympia Shadowforth was not a demigod. He could feel it in his blood,demigods had a faint aura, but hers was stronger than even the most powerful demigod.He had to find out how she got here without being a demigod.So naturally he headed over to see her, when he was interrupted door a flaming Leo Valdez, who apparently wanted to know if u could grow Fonzies, Leo sighed when he heard the answer '' Aww man, I like Fonzies.'' When he got to the camp sick room, he found Olympia sitting up, and playing, was that cards? with Percy. '' May I interrupt?''...
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 i got it off of afbeeldingen
i got it off of images
okay this is my first song tic so beer with me
I do not! own Percy Jackson of the song

enchanted door Taylor Swift

Annabeth sat there in the rec room trying not to look to depressed as she thought about Percy the radio played in the back ground and changed to a song that went along with her thought to well to be a coincedince

there I was again tonight , forcing laughter faking smiles, same old tired lonely place
she had done her best going to the rec room pretending to be happy, but really she felt so alone since Percy had dissapeared

walls of incincerety, shifting eyes and vacency
there was...
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posted by Ujjwala
Annabeth started to worry as soon as she stepped inside the ship, Argo II.Her head buzzed with questions. During these few months she did not have a single minuut to spare as she was helping the Hephastus cabine in building leo's ship. But now she had all the time to think. Would percy remember her? had he made another girlfriend at Camp jupiter? Would Percy still love Annabeth?
Snap out of it, Annabeth. u dont have time to think about all this, thought Annabeth to herself. You're going to meet Percy and he will remember u and it will be all right. How can he ever forget you? You?...
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I ran and ran to the cabine and when I got there I jumped on to

my bed and started to cry into my pillow.

How could Percy just stand there and not defend me? How

could Annabeth my friend say I can't go on this mission because

I would just slow them down? Percy walk into the cabine and saw

me crying and sat on my bed and put his hand on my shoulder

" Sabrina" he said.

" What" I asked harshly I wasn't in the mood for a lecture today.

" Promise me u won't go on this mission. Please for me

Sabrina" he zei with a down face like he's sure was supposed

to go on this mission.

" I promise Percy" I said...
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The heroes of Olympus the house of hades


As long as we're together…

They were still together, but for how long, Percy didn't know.

Percy's free hand grappled at the air, while his other hand clung to Annabeth's sweaty, pale hand, as the world around him got darker and darker, and the light above them, marking his friend's silhouettes got smaller until it was only a tiny pin point, and then it was gone.

A feeling of freefall was not a new to him. But the feeling of freefalling into Tartarus, the endless cesspool of evil, was entirely new. Percy wasn't one of those daredevils that went sky...
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