hallo guys! My first Soapbox article! Pls share your thoughts!

So on this episode Whitney finally proves that she can handle her Teen Vogue job. Whitney and Lauren organize Teen Vogue's Young Hollywood bash w/ a fashion toon (Marc door Marc Jacobs) at a very pretty church! Their jobs seems interesting but very stressful when they end up starting the toon 30 minuten late (9:30pm to be exact)! But all was cool b/c the toon was a huge success! Hillary Duff, Emmy Rosum, Hayden Panettiere showed up! Btw it was Whitney's idea to include a fashion toon for the first time at the party. complimenten to Whitney for pulling it all off b/c I got worried for a moment when they showed the red carpet being all backed up!

LC fans...not much on her this episode b/c she was all tied up helping Whitney! I thought we would get to see what happens w/ her & Brody! Oh well, the suspense!

Ok....so now to my not so favoriete couple, Speidi (Heidi & Spencer)! It's Heidi's 21st birthday and she get's a beautiful red rose bouquet from who else! Spencer! I shouldn't forget to mention, the "new Elodie" Kim, brought them in for her and they ended up going for a birthday lunch together! And if you're wondering if Heidi ordered some alcohol finally being legal to drink and all, yes she did. She ordered a glass of white wine. So apparently it looks like while the "Young Hollywood" event is happening, Speidi is out just the two of them celebrating Heidi's 21st. Spencer gifts Heidi w/ a Chanel bag (I have that one!) and she says it's the best birthday present ever! Well, the look on her face doesn't say so!

AUDRINA's back! Ugh!!! But w/ Justin Bobby! They go to watch The Ruse play at The adder, viper Room and then hit another spot for drinks. A band member asks Justin Bobby on his deal w/ Audrina! He asks Justin if Audrina is available and all Justin Bobby says is that she's really good. Then Audrina comes in and Justin suggests they leave! Justin tells Audrina about the guy asking about her he seems pissed b/c the last thing Audrina says is "I'm going home pagina with you!"

That's pretty much it! No Lo today...she cracks me up! I hope they toon her in the upcoming episodes!

The voorbeeld for volgende week seems really good! It's the confrontation between Lauren & Heidi and it's definitely a "MUST SEE" episode for all of The Hills fans!