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posted by MitchKristelle
A CLATO Head Canon:

~The reason why Clove kept avoiding Cato in the games was because she knew at some point they'd have to kill each other. But that broke Cato's heart. So he flirted with Glimmer. But thanks to Katniss, the volgende day, Glimmer died because of tracker-jackers. Clove and Cato both survived. Noticing that Cato didn't even shed tears because of Glimmer's death, Clove asked him if he really loved her.
Cato grinned. "You afraid of that?"
Clove smiled back. "Very much."
So they stopped all pretenses, until the rules were even changed. They had the idea that maybe, the gamemakers want them both to get out alive.
They treated each other like how they did back home pagina in their district: Training together, eating together, hunting together, exchanging stories, eating, sleeping. Kissing.
It occurred to them, too, that "Loverboy" (Peeta) and brand Girl (Katniss) were doing the same. So that very night in the Feast, Clove promised Cato she'd kill the threat in their victory. Katniss Everdeen. Cato tried to protest but he lost. So he just planned to track Thresh down and kill him. Peeta and Foxface? They're not really threats, but if they come across him, they'd be dead.
Cato stayed where he was, waiting for signals from Clove, waiting for Thresh to come, too. Far away, as promised, he heard Clove finishing Katniss' life.
But things started to go wrong when Cato misjudged Thresh's location. He happened to be following Clove, not him. That's when he heard her scream. "CATO! CATO!
He ran fast, ran towards where Clove was, where, right now, Thresh is holding her, maybe already killing her. But when the screams stopped, he didn't know where she is anymore. His panic overrode his accuracy, that he didn't know if he was running in the right direction anymore. Desperately, he called out to his love. "CLOVE!"
When he finally reached her ... He was too late. Katniss was no longer there. There were no signs of Thresh too. Even the bag that they needed was gone. But that stupid bag didn't matter. Clove ... She's gone.
Tears continuously fell from his eyes as he held Clove's hand. But he once remembered a saying from a book, "Men do not cry for the dead; they avenge them."

There were a few days before he finally tracked Thresh down. "YOU KiLLED HER!"
Thresh was also heavily armed. Cato knew he was strong, that he was probably stronger. But he didn't care. "You killed my Clove! That is the most stupid thing u would ever--"
Thresh was fast. He attacked first. But as anger surged through Cato, his adrenaline pushed him too. HE KILLED MY CLOVE. HE DESERVES TO DiE.
And so Thresh died, Clove's death was avenged. But Peeta and Katniss are still alive.

The dag grew dark. But Cato knew better. That was the gamemakers' trick. This was the finale. Katniss. She was saved the night Clove died. She must die now. Along with that Lover boy Peeta.

It came down to the three of them, and the mutts. Clove's eyes were there, haunting him ... THE MUTT'S EYES WERE CLOVE'S!!

First things first, he thought. I kill Peeta and Katniss, then when I get out of here, I kill the gamemakers, torture them one door one.

He never thought Peeta and Katniss' relationship would be this strong. Maybe, he thought, they deserved to live happily, too, the way Clove and he must have, but the death of Clove made him think otherwise again. As he fought the lovers, he knew eventually, he would die. So when Katniss' arrow shot his hand, and he was thrown to the bloodthirsty mutts, he just glanced at Clove's eyes in the mutt's body. Finally, he thought, we're going to be together again. Then he whispered, PLEASE.

Fortunately, Katniss heard it. Her arrow pierced through him. He knew he was dead.

He didn't know when it happened. It must have been days, of weeks, of centuries after. But he finally woke up in a vast white place, where he felt no harm, no hunger, no heartbreak. He might be thrown into hell later, but right now, he didn't care.

Because in the vast white place he was in right now, he was with the only person he wanted to be with in his lifetime, and even afterlife. He was with this person, finally getting to do what they used to do again. And if death was this happy, why did they have to live in the first place?

"I love you, Clove."
"I love u too, Cato."
PeeNiss isn't the only love team in THG, u know. :">
-a CLATO story head canon door Me :')
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"So, my turn?" Cato asked and moved to the middle of the circle.

He spun the bottle and returned to his seat.

And it landed on…


Thresh looked indifferent. Cato smirked.

"Truth of dare?" Cato asked the indifferent looking Thresh.

"Dare," Thresh replied indifferently.

"Ooh, I have a nice dare for you!" Cato declared.

He got an indifferent look from Thresh.

Which freaked him out a bit. Didn't Thresh have any other face expressions? Was he just indifferent all the time?


"Come on Cato, say the dare already!" Katniss urged him, looking actually quite excited.

Cato shot Katniss a look, then turned...
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from TimWillDestroyYou on youtube LOL it isn't as bad as the titel sounds, alright?
the hunger games
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