Ever want to find out what your name would be in the series? Need a character's name for your new fanfiction? Look no farther!

District One names should be unique, almost like the Capitol names; bright and bubbly. So let's get started.


-First Name:

Take the first four letters of a state's name: example,California, New York, Oregon... u get the idea

If the name sounds strange, of not feminine, add an -ia

-Last Name:

Take the first four letters of your favoriete gemstone: example, amethyst, topaz, diamond....

Add -son to the end

Example Names: Cali Ametson, Newy Topason, Oregia Diamson


-First Name:

Pick your favoriete shade of a color, make sure it's specific: example, Royal blue, Magenta, Beige

Take the first 3 letters, then add an -i of a -o if necessary

-Last Name:

Pick a trait that u think describes District 1, then add an -ie: example, spoiled, rich, luxury

Example Names: Royo Spoiie, Magi Richie, Beigo Luxuie

Yes, I know some of the names turn out weird, but what do u think? Please leave your new character name in the comments, I want to see how they turned out! I could make a name generator for all the districts if people are interested.