The Hunger Games Character Elimination Game

tWiLiGht_lUVEr1 posted on Apr 16, 2012 at 08:58PM
Saw this on The Twilight Saga spot and the Glee Club spot.

Here's how it goes:
Each character starts out with 10 points, and you + 1 point to the character you like and -1 point to the character you don't like. When a character reaches 0 you eliminate them from the list. Last one standing is the winner!

Please copy and paste the list after you add and subtract so that the people below you know :) Thank you!

You can submit a new response per day.

Here goes! Have fun :)

Katniss 10
Peeta 10
Gale 10
Seneca 10
Plutarch 10
Coin 10
Finnick 10
Mags 10
Johanna 10
Prim 10
Rue 10
Thresh 10
Caesar 10
Cinna 10
Haymitch 10
Effie 10
President Snow 10
Cato 10
Clove 10
Foxface 10
Marvel 10
Glimmer 10
Beetee 10
Wiress 10

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