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 cobra Kai sensei is taking lessons from a girl
Cobra Kai sensei is taking lessons from a girl
A washed up John Kreese is spotted taking kung fu lessons from a teenage girl in the new comedy web-series, SPAZ FU.

John Kreese, evil sensei of the cobra Kai (still easily recognizable after all these years) shows up at the back door of Sam's dojo for a little advice on his "Eagle Claw" technique.

Sam is a 15 jaar girl so it's already ridiculous, but when she treats him like dirt and leaves him waiting in the alley for his lesson, we are thoroughly entertained. SPAZ FU is a hilarious and original low budget spoof not to be missed door Karate Kid fans.

Spaz Fu is on the web at,...
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posted by MJ_Fan_4Life007
"Hey u need some help?" u heard a cute new Jersey accent behind you, u just moved from Florida to California, u were unpacking the bags and luggages from your parents car. "I'm ok, nice to meet you," u turned and saw a cute guy leaning on the gate volgende to you. "I'm Daniel," "I'm um um Myia." u squeaked out while u dropped the box in your hand door accident, "Little shy there?" He teased u as u both grinned and he helped u pick up the box. "Watch this Myia," he kicked the gate open trying to impress you, "Maybe u could teach me karate one day." "My friend Mr. Miyagi could...
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