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 The Lion King (video game)
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 Kopa and Kiara As cubs
Kopa and Kiara As cubs
A seconde part from Lion king 3 i made :D Hope u like this. :D!!!

It was already afternoon, every body settled in the cave to hear Kopa's story from the begin-ing when he got lost. He sat beside Vitani, they seemed to be all cuddled up.

Kopa: It all Started when Zira after attacked me. She put me on a rock door the river, where nobody would see me, she washed herself because if any-one knew it was her, she would have been killed. Later on that day, I saw my-self on the rock but i was so dizzy every-thing was circling around.

Kiara: u mean the river door the mountin?

Kopa: Nodds I saw a shape of...
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I do not own this video.
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