The Nanny Niles' jokes

LuvDN posted on Jun 29, 2009 at 04:49PM
Do you think , that Niles' jokes are cruel or funny? :)
 Do u think , that Niles' jokes are cruel of funny? :)

The Nanny 12 antwoorden

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een jaar geleden MarthaKent said…
Niles' jokes are soooo funny, hilarious!!!
een jaar geleden Marissa8899 said…

een jaar geleden mustmeetfran12 said…
big smile
They are sooo funny against C.C.!!!
een jaar geleden izzzyroxmysocks said…
een jaar geleden Jessallen said…
Niles: get a fork
CC: why
Niles: to stick your self with ya done!!! lololol
een jaar geleden huddyislove said…
He is so damn funny XDDDDDDD

Niles: An elephant never forgets
CC: Please, you used that line on me 3 years ago
Niles: SEE

een jaar geleden nannyfan248 said…
OMG! They may be cruel but there so freakin' funny! OMG, laughing right now just thinking about it.

C.C.: This isnt a typical night...
Niles: Yes, your not home alone of your foot massager watching "Sisters"
een jaar geleden waterbug1345 said…
een jaar geleden shywarp903 said…
There funny but some are a little cruel, but all the more funny
een jaar geleden crazygirl4rl said…
big smile
cruel bhut hilarious
een jaar geleden nagi-nade said…
Niles' cruel jokes hide his feelings for C.C. so it works :)
een jaar geleden daeniah27 said…
niles jokes are really catchy to the audience.. Although sometimes I can't understand what they're meaning too.. But I love how the way he make fun of his mortal friend C.C.. hehehe