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HeyItsMeSamLee zei …
umm duh, no need to have a debate on the accuracy. The movie was based from Philippa Gregory's novel of the same name under the category general fiction /fictional biography /alternate history novel/historical fiction u name it, nobody claimed it was anywhere near being historically accurate for Boleyn's sake! It's like a fan fiction in the best way possible. so, yeah. haha. Vivat Anne! Ainsi sera, groigne qui groigne – Let them grumble, that is how it is going to be! geplaatst een jaar geleden
teampetrova zei …
A spot for Anne & Mary Boleyn, u can kom bij if you're interested:
link geplaatst een jaar geleden
fansfunsz zei …
i have got it this finally at last from 2 days geleden geplaatst een jaar geleden