“Daddy!” Alaska whines.

“What’s up, doll?” I say, scooping up my youngest from the middle of the floor on the way to Y/N and I’s bedroom.

She babbles about some princess thing as I nod my head, pretending to be interested as I walk into the room.

Y/N looks up from her book resting on her swollen, pregnant belly as I set down Alaska on the bed.

I never thought I’d say it, but baby number six was on the way. I mean, my teenage son wasn’t that thrilled, but we had him at 17. Y/N and I were only 32, so it wasn’t like weird of anything.

“How ya doin, mommy?” I lean over, giving Y/N a kiss on the cheek.

She bends the page of her book, setting it down. Macy screams from somewhere downstairs, followed door Matt’s laugh. “Tired.” She sighs.

“How’s monkey six?” I ask, settling down volgende to her.

“Kicking away.” She grumbles.

meer shrieks from down stairs. I sigh, taking in air for the yell. “KNOCK IT OFF!”

“Sorry!” Matt yells back.

I turn my attention back to Y/N. “Did u know what I found Johnny doing today?”

She glances at me with a smug look. “Do u know what Katherine was doing today?”

Ok, now I could care less about what I caught Johnny doing. If something was going on with one of my little girls I’d-

“You shoot first.” Y/N says.

“Johnny was smoking outside. I know I probably set a bad example with the rest of the gang.. And I didn’t exactly tell him not to do it… But still.”

She nods. “I’ll talk to him about it.”

“Now,” I sigh. “What did my Katie-Kat do?”

She smirks. “Kissing a boy.”

“No. Nope. No way. Not my little girl. That is a lie. No no no. Who is this boy? I’m going to kill him.”

“You act like she’s pregnant.” She laughs.

I give her a look. “Do u want to give my a hart-, hart attack?!? Do you?!? That’s not funny.”

“Actually, the look on your face kinda is.”

“Ugh don’t even talk about it. They’re growing up so fast.”

“Hey. u have 18 meer years of being a daddy and watching kids grow up.”

“That’ll go door real fast.” I grumble.

“Nah, just savor it.”

We sit in silence for a seconde as I reach down the bed for Alaska, pulling her onto my lap. She’s laughing to herself, playing with one of Macy’s of Katie’s old dolls.

“Who do they remind u of?” Y/N mutters, smiling, looking off in a daze.

“Who?” I ask, shifting Alaska a bit to make her meer comfortable.

“Johnny and Katie.”

“I don’t know.” I shrug.

She turns to me. “You haven’t realized how much Johnny is like you, have you? Dally, they’re just like us when we were younger.

I smile, remembering. “I guess you’re right.”