Sodapop pov: "Aww Jesus. No. No way", I say my mouth in a straight line telling pony I meant what I said. "But soda, I want to", pony says pouting. "Pony. u know I... Well, u know...", I look away pretending to cough. "Haha! I knew it!", pony yells instantly becoming happier. "What?! What'd u know!?", I say frustrated. "You have the hots for alexa! I knew it!", pony boy smiles. I look away and wipe at my face because of my sudden stress, "look. Pony, u tell anybody I'll have Darry skin ya". "She has the hots for you, too, ya know", pony says turning away and walking towards the door. "Wait, what?", I grab his arm and pull him back. "You heard me.", he says wrinkling his forehead. "How do u know?", I say raising an eyebrow. "She told me to ask u if we could go to the fair. She wanted me to do that to see what u would say and if u zei 'no' for no good reason that meant u liked her but if u zei sure that meant u didn't, an she zei that if u say no, for u to meet her at the fair tonight around 6 in front of the Farris wheel.", pony says spilling every detail. "You ain't kiddin with me, right? She will really be there?", I ask. "Well, she zei she would", pony says. I run to my room and take off my work clothes. I run to the douche with my new outfit and a towel. I take a quick douche and get out. I dry off really quickly, then get dressed. I put on some cologne and deodorant. I dry my hair and grease it back. I look at the clock at it says 5:55 PM. "GAAAAAAHHHHH!", I yell as I grab my wallet, jump over the couch, an run out the door. I get there at 6:02 and walk to the Farris Wheel. I look around. Alexa is no where. I wait about 5 minutes. "Damnit. I knew it wasn't true.", I look down and shake my head in defeat. I blink back a few tears as I start to walk out. I get to the exit gates which are right door the entry gates. "I'm so stupid, I knew she didn't have the hots for ME. Sodapop Curtis, ain't nothin special here. No money, no folks, just a kid brother and an older brother. Damn", I look down while I walk. I run right into someone and catch them before they fall. "God, I'm sorry", I say picking up the bag she had dropped. "Soda? u really came?", I hear from above me. "Alexa? Oh god.", I sigh happily. "So u do like me, soda?", she asks biting her lip. "Well, uhh, yeah, I mean.. Yeah.", I look into her eyes. She smiles real big then grabs my face pulling it down to hers. I have to grab a rail so I don't fall, and then the fireworks start. I shuffle my feet while we kiss and set my arms around her waist. She pulls away, "I'm so happy, oh my god". "You have no Idea", I say smiling.