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This The Outsiders foto might contain sweater, sweatshirt, kap, bovenkleding, and overclothes.

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Something cold, sharp and icy struck your neck.

u turn around to see your boyfriend Steve grinning wildly, another snowball in hand.

“It’s so on,” u laugh, as u lean down to scoop the snow.

u are hit with another snowball, right in the shoulder. u brand back, hitting him in the face.

Instead of picking up snow to make another snowball, he sprints towards you.

And tackles u into the snow.

“Oww Steve!” u laughed.

“It was needed.” He joked back.

u were lying on your backs in the snow, looking up at the stars.

u start to shiver.

He looks over at you. “Babe, are u cold?”

“Yeah.” u nod your head, teeth chattering.

He scoots closer to you, and wraps his arms around you. “Warmer?”

“Yeah,” u smile.
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“Hey.” u whisper.

“Hey, I’m not dead yet there’s no need to be quiet.” He jokes from his hospital bed.


“The only butt I want remember is yours.” He grins.

You can’t help but smile. He was his usual self.

“You ok?”

“Well, yeah I guess. The only problem is they won’t let me have a fuckin bier once in awhile.”

You shake your head and laugh.

“Because it’s a hospital, Dip-Wad.”

“Who u calling Dip-Wad, Dip-Wad? I think bier is the best medicine,” he grins as he leans back further into his pillow. He looks u in the eye. “Hey, I know I’m gonna go...
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Each dag u answer one vraag for 30 days starting with the first one! Have fun! :)

1 How’d u first discover the Outsiders? If u had to read it for a class, in what grade?
2 How many times have u read the book?
3 favoriete quote from the book?
4 If u could write a sequel to the book, what’s the first thing you’d write about?
5 favoriete part in the book?
6 Least favoriete part in the book?
7 If u could change anything from the book, would u and why?
8 Greaser, Soc of Middle Class; and why?
9 Do u really think the Socs are that bad? of do u think everyone’s pretty much the same?...
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the outsiders
dallas winston
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