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 the outsiders (rare)
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the outsiders
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This The Outsiders foto contains portret, headshot, and close-up.

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u wake up to the sound of footsteps and bangs around your apartment. u immediately know it's your boyfriend Ponyboy. u two planned to go on a road trip today to an amusement park, and he was probably packing. He walks into the room, looks at you, and smiles. "Hey sleeping beauty, time to get up." u lift your head up from the pillow, looking disoriented and delusional. He laughs, but u just sigh and plop your head back down on the pillow. u hear him walk towards you, and u begin to laugh as he tickles you. "Pony! Pony! Stop!" u laugh. He continues to tickle you. "Come on Sydney!...
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 this is the back of the car we sit on to have a smoke
this is the back of the car we sit on to have a smoke
*My Crazy Friend Janes*

after Ponyboy and i finished our weeds off and talking we went on our way back to Dairy Hut. Dally and Johnny were waiting for us at the tafel, tabel we had previously. "i thought i told u two not run off," Dally zei with a grin. "what happend to listening. Darry would kill me if i lost u in this bum state, Pony. what were guys doing anyway? anything i need to know?" i blushed and so did Ponyboy.

"aw, cut it out, Dal. we just met for pete's sake. whatdya think we were doing?" pony asked.

"i dont know. thats why im asking YOU, smarty."

"well, dont worry. Amber was just showing...
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(this is all based on a dream I had. I do not own the outsiders)

I was getting ready for bed when all of a sudden I heard Soda and Darry fighting."you can't tell him! I want to wait for the right time before I tell him. If I find out u told him then u will be sorry." I heard Darry tell Soda."He deserves to know the truth and if u don't tell him soon he might find out himself!"Soda yelled. I wonder what there talking about but the only way to find out is to keep listening. The volgende person was Darry and he didn't sound mad of happy but confused and worried." I know I'm going to tell him in the morning so don't worry." I guess I'll have to wait till morning to find out.
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Okay first, I just wanted to say thanks for requesting and I love you. If u want to see meer request! meer info on my wall. Thanks. door the way, this is my first one so if it is bad, I could use some constructive criticism, not hate. Here u go!

For: Olivia

Finally, after a long dag of work, u were at home, in bed, and cuddling up to Mr. Bananas. It was 9:47pm when u actually fell asleep.
You were awoken door a yell and saw Dallas, your boyfriend of almost one year, lying on the floor holding his nose.
"Oh my gosh! What happened? Are u okay?" u panicked.
"You punched me!"
You couldn't help...
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