Danila on Skyping with Mark Waters (on auditioning for VA):
“I showed him two scenes from Richelle’s 1st book. The first scene is how real a Dhampir must kill a Strigoi. I showed him some gestures and read the text. The seconde scene was about how Dimitri first understood he was falling for Roza. I must toon how I see her (Roza), what i’m thinking, how i’m looking at her, what i’m thinking about her.”

Danila on his Vampire Academy Movie partners:
“All the guys are so young (i repeat: so young!) But all of them are incredibly talented. They (Dominic & Lucy) are big professionals but they’re funny too. They made my hard work easier because both have a great sense of humor. There were a lot of joke and laugh during the shooting. They (Dominic & Lucy) helped me with my adaptation very much! She (Zoey Deutch) works so much and so hard! She had only one dag off on this shooting, but i never heard complaints from her.”

Danila on Mark Waters:
“He is a super professional! Mega professional! I got a huge irreplaceable experience during our work! I repeated and will repeat: I’m lucky i had the chance to work with him.”

Danila on Richelle Mead:
“I must say my personal thanks to this amazing writer and woman. She created a very interesting character: Dimitri. She allowed him to fall in love, to love and to protect those he loves! He’s a gentleman and i really appreciate it! Thank you, Richelle!”