Interviewer: Are u looking vooruit, voorwaarts to tonight?
Ian: I’m just looking vooruit, voorwaarts to, u know, hanging out with Paul Wesley.
Paul: I have that effect on-
Ian: Who isn’t?

Julie: ”I just like the stories of when they all have to fly together and Nina’s like ‘Oh my bag’s lost!’ and the boys are like ‘Come on we gotta go.’”
Interviewer: “Couldn’t u just go and threaten the people at the airline counter on her behalf? Just to scare them a little bit, to find her luggage?”
Julie: “No they left her at the airport -“
Nina: “- on my birthday!”
Ian: “We told her take a taxi…”

Paul: Hi, I’m Nina Dobrev!
Nina: And I’m Paul Wesley!
Paul: And welcome to Ny…I don’t know-what are we saying?!
Nina: To the Nylon party!
Paul: Nylon.
Nina: Love Bites!

Ian: Paul actually has really good taste in music, I am happy to announce.
Paul: Thanks, Ian!
Ian: u do!
Paul: High five!
Ian: High five!
Nina: Great…
Paul: u too, door the way.
Nina: Well…
Ian: Thanks, man.
Nina: I like Kings of Leon, kill me. I like musicals. The Black Eyed Peas.
Ian: It’s early in the morning-
Nina: Apparently I’m the only one who has energy and…
Ian: -and the sun’s not even up and u have to hear The Black Eyed Peas at 7 in the morning while preparing for a scene.
Paul: No. Not a good time.
Ian: It makes u want to blow your brains out, that’s what happens.
Paul: It makes u develop a loathing for something u would otherwise not…potentially…
Ian: …be probably okay with. u may be able to respect- u may be able to respect them as artists.
Paul: This is literally the three of us. This is it.
Ian: We probably shouldn’t do these things together.

Interviewer: “Who’s character is the coolest, and why?”
Paul: “I think I’d have to wear some shades on the toon to be the coolest.”*puts on the shades*
Ian: “Now you’re the coolest.”
Paul: “Now I’m the coolest.”

Nina: Her life just keeps getting meer and meer complicated dag door day. Everyone around her starts dropping like flies. But for some reason she’s still in love with him, I think. I still don’t know why-
Paul: What do u mean?! Come on! She doesn’t know why?! I thought we had an understanding here.
Nina: I don’t know why. Elena may know why. I’m just trying to figure it out. I- to be honest- wouldn’t put up with- with either of u two!
Paul: But don’t u see how much I love you?

Interviewer: Nina, do guys dare to come up to u and try to talk to you, of are they too scared?
Ian: Well, we don’t let her out very much.
Paul: I would stempel, punch them in the face.
Nina: It’s a problem because we spend so much time together. Guys won’t really come up to me when they see these two volgende to me.
Ian: We intimidate them. These two skinny white guys, intimidating the hell out of all the macho manly men of the world. We are an impenetrable uithangbord that Nina Dobrev resides behind.

Ian: “I am not a maniacal killer, umm.. but Damon really loves to have a good time and so does Ian”
“Do u eat squirrels, Paul?
Paul: “I sneak off into the woods and i eat squirrels”
“You know what, deep down inside Stefan loves his bro”
Ian: “Yeah”
Paul: “And i love my bro Ian”
Ian: “That’s the one thing we have in common”

Moderator: Julie, who has the best hair in the cast?
Julie: Paul Wesley’s hair has its own number on the callsheet…
Paul: Number 2A.
Nina: No, actually, your hair is 2. You’re 2A.
Paul: Well, I get them mixed up cause they think I’m my hair sometimes.
Nina: He has to have his hair helicoptered in every morning
Moderator: Kevin, who has the best abs?
Kevin: I’m gonna go with Paul.
Ian: I’m too lazy. I like food way too much.
Kevin: I gotta tell you, Paul’s abs, they are-
Ian: Insane!
Kevin: They’re their own conversation.
Paul: That’s 2B. 2C… [Everyone erupts in laughter & cheers]

Paul: And my name?
Julie: Your name card.
Kevin: She wants your- she wants this-
Paul: u want my name card? [Holds it out, then gets up and gives it to the woman who asked for it.]
Ian: I wanted that! Oh well.

Nina:“I am still unsure about whether Paul is of isn’t a vampire,” she says, shooting him a wary glance in a Brooklyn foto studio. “Obviously there’s the teeth, but also he just kept tonen up everywhere. I would be out with the girls, having lunch of going shopping, and he would just be there, out of nowhere.”

Paul: I cant even imagine if we didn’t have them [day rings] and we only shot at night. That would actually be- Wow, that would- that would be intense. I would literally become a vampire, I think!
Nina: Paul actually has fangs. I have this theory that he’s actually a vampire because, if he smiles he literally has fangs and, um- and that’s probably why he got the part, they wanted to save a couple bucks on visual effects.

Question- If Edward Cullen and Stefan were to fight, who would win?
Candice: Stefan! He doesn’t have to worry about his skin glistening and he totally has fangs and I have yet to see this Edward Cullen’s fangs. Yeah, let’s see them, Edward, whatcha got?!
Paul: As if I would even remotely, possibly, entertain the idea of him beating me. Come on!

Interviewer: Jeremy also seems to be becoming vrienden with Damon.
Steven: Yeah um, there’s an interesting arc that comes up… they are vrienden for a little bit. But Damon doesn’t really have connections to many people for long.
Interviewer: Does he teach u how to fight vampires?
Steven: [puts food in mouth]
Interviewer: I saw a clip, from Comic Con in New York…
Steven: My mouths full I can’t say anything.

Nina: “Oh, I love u boys.”
Ian & Paul: “We love u too-“
Ian: “….usually.”
Paul: “…sure.”

Interviewer: u have kind of the ‘romance novel look.’ Could we see it?
Paul: Close up. Make sure u zoom in, make sure u zoom in…Oh wait, my face didn’t change at all! What?

Paul Wesley: Do I have any special talents?
Ian Somerhalder: Well, u do that cool thing where u put your lipstick on with your toes.

Nina: “There have been little kids that come and leave us drawings outside our trailers.”
Paul: “I’ve never gotten one.”
Ian: “I haven’t gotten one either.”
Nina: “That’s because I steal both of yours and I put them in my trailer.”
Ian: “They must be all boys who are just hitting puberty… so that’s why everything goes straight to her.”

Audience vraag - “Based off the Salvatore brothers, which one of them (Paul and Ian) is less like their character and why?”
Nina: Paul’s a lot funnier in person.
Ian: Yeah.
Nina: He’s just … he has a sense of humor that u guys can see now that… his character’s just meer … everything’s going wrong and he’s always trying to fix something so he doesn’t really have a chance to -
Paul: He’s a worry bug.
Nina: Yeah, you’re a worry bug. But you’re like a down-to-earth, fun, chill guy so…
Paul: Thanks Nina. *cute looks and giggles* You’re pretty cool too.

Nina: “One of the two of you, i cant remember which one… had your fangs in, and i asked how does that all fit in your mouth (but this was before i played katherine) and one of u was like, here lets see if it hurts”
Ian: “Oh, that was me”
Nina: “You bit me”
Ian: “And i didnt realise, it punctured her skin, it was not good. I’ll never.. i promise i’ll never do that again”
Nina: “…It was very painful…thank you. Thats why i dont come near him anymore when he has the fangs in”

Ian: “If Damon were stranded on a desert island, he’d bring all of you,” Somerhalder said, gesturing to the crowd. “Me and 2000 women. Start civilization over.”
“Can we share?” Wesley asked.
“We can totally share,” Somerhalder said.