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The words from Bonnie's gossip still rung in my head. The thought that the final founder family of Mystic Fall's has returned consumed me. All us youngsters are in for it. All the adults will be estatic.
"Make sure u make him comfortable"-"You should ask him to the grill, introduce him to everybody"I already hear them. And Yet I dont feel sorry for myself but meer for the fate of this "Damon". The sound of his name strikes a unfamiliar sense at the back of my mind. I have heard that name before, of at least seen it somewhere. I'm not sure what it has got to do with anything, but I just know that I've heard of it. I just hope i can keep my curiousity under my grasp, I'm known to be quite nosy.

*21,7,88* I turned into my locker lock. It's the wedding anniversary of my late parents. It's the only numbers I truely remember besides close birthdays. I opened it to find nothing changed, nothing moved, I'm not sure what I expected. Looking around, all the girls had personalised their lockers with fluffy, mirrors and PINK, I only had two photos, and the rest of my faded,ruffled text books. The photograpghs of Matt and I together at the grill, and the other of Caroline,Bonnie and I at Carolines 6th Birthday party, It was Princess theme, so we all wore tiara's. It wasn't after the picture was taken that Caroline took us to her room to do nothing, her mum yet again had left her home pagina alone for work. Caroline had gotten used to it door then, she just got her hopes up that one day, that perhaps justv because of her birthday. And we all know that Caroline is a sore Loser. And matt..-
A new set of arms wrapped around me, and a slaan, smack of sweet perfumed sizzled into my eyes, Speak of the Devil. Caroline.
I wipped around to confront her. She stood not ong leg in front of me. She diddn't care much for Invasion of a personal bubble. Caroline is the type of girl that talks , talks and talks about clothes, boys and winning competitions based on Beauty. But She was beautiful.But Don't get me she has deapth and Character.
She has Lovely blonde hair that ends just after her shoulders, I always envied Caroline's beauty, She has always been the prettier one since i could remember, but being beautiful doesn't alwasy been your life is perfect as well. Everyone knows Her mum is the local Sheriff of the Police department, which comes to a price on their family life.
She was dressed in her favourite pair of deniun blues and a white lacey top, boven with a black singlet underneath, it looked amazing.. Better then my grey and jeans.
I smiled at her instantly and reached for a hug. I would like to say , that I treat Caroline and Bonnie the same, but I don't. I just do it, so there isn't anymore fights, and that they would never be over me.
I saw her take one intake of breathe, getting ready to overflow me with babble. I inhaled also.
The whole duration of our chat, aka Caroline talking and I nodding, What can i say? It makes her happy just chatting, why not, Like I'm listening. She started on her trip down south, and her Dad's new evil fiance and something about fried hot dogs.
" Elena!" I heard my name running from within the hall's. It was a male voice. One I'm very used to.I smiled and kept walking just to be cheeky.
"Elena" The voice called again. With a sigh, I thought I might as well..
Turning around I saw Matt Donvovan running towards me. We have been vrienden for some time, not to mention even a offical couple. But after my parents accident, I called things off, lucky cause things were getting very serious, that's If you're about to lose your virginity and his sister walks in and passes out from drinking with my brother. I finally put my foot down after that.
He was always a happy guy, always got a bright , vibrate smile on his face, he spread that happiness to others in his presence. As usual he greeted me with his massive beer hugs which included my three feet up in the air. Thank god i wore Jeans, I dont even want to remember when he diddn't think to see that i was wearing a dress, what a sight students got..
It was evident still that his feelings for me still remained. I feel the same sometimes, but i know it's for the best, really. And Matt would never presure me into anything i wouln't want to do, so he doesn't bring it up, althought i see it's the only thing on his mind when we talk.

And as usual again, In a huff Caroline strode off, Not sure what's up between and he and Matt this jaar but somethings always going on. Matt diddn't take any notice.

"Hey we have history first, together! Finally I got some classes with my favourite girl!" He boasted over the crowd while planting his arm around my shoulder. I kinda like it, but vrienden do this right? In return I wrapped my arm around his waist, no doubt bringing up talk behinds us as we walked to H4 (History Seniors)

"Hey Matt" A new voice veered from behinds us, shaking matts hand before we entered the classroom. It was Tyler Lockwood, Bonnie's boyfriend and Matt's best mate. Before he left he asked, " Wanna sit volgende to me in class, It will be less unbearable."
With no hesitation Matt unwrapped himself from me and kissed me on the check in goodbye. " Sure as Bro"
"Hello, Is this H4?" A cold, chiselled voice came from behind me. Is was the type u dont noramally hear, nor one i that i reconise. It made shivers down my back. Remaining calm, I turned.
I"d never seen him before but yet he was the most beautiful I'd ever seen. He must the new guy. Dark Brown eyes, pale skins that had absolute no imperfections, he was envious. As his glance turned from curiousity to weird as to why i still haddn't answered him. I rushed to redem myself.
" Ahh yes, Senior History with Mr.. Umm. Mr.." DAMM i havent read my new timeable for this year...God I look like a Idiot.
"Mr. Alaric Saltzman?"
" Ahhh Yes"
" Well then I'm in the right place.Thanks.."
 Elena,Caroline and Bonnie at Carolines 6th Birthday
Elena,Caroline and Bonnie at Carolines 6th Birthday
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