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Buzz Battle: Should Vampire Diaries' Damon and Elena Date?



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My personal opinion:

D/E must be endgame because I believe that Damon's able to change to a certain degree. He doesn't have to be all nice and careful like Stefan because that would ruin his personality that we all love. But it's gonna be a long way for DE to get together as a couple, to have true feelings for each other. Still, if it finally happens it's gonna carry all before one! Consequently, it's definitely worth to wait. :)

Every know and then, we will get the tiniest little glimps of their hidden feelings toward each other, though there's not gonna be any true love blooming anytime soon. And that's the fun of it.It's waiting and waiting and dissecting every little time he does sg nice for her and how it makes her feel - that anticipation, that buildup.
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swimchick said:
I'm sure Delena will happen, but I agree that they should REALLY take their time with it. Right now I prefer Stelena, but if they really build up to Delena over time I'm sure I could grow to like them as well. It just really depends on how they choose to do it. Shows are moving way too fast these days and so far TVD has been good at avoiding that. I hope that continues.
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g3u16 said:
"we've yet to see Stefan really shaken to his core. So far the vampire with the heart of gold has done his fair share of ass-kicking when necessary, but we've yet to see what he's really capable of. I just know that under all those abs beats the heart of a bad boy — don't you want to see Stefan change it up a little?"

i'm Stelena fan, all the way but i'd love to see his dark side. i have a thing for good guys who can be really dangerous...
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