The door of the Boarding House slammed open and Stefan entered the house, with Katherine still in his arms.
“Stefan, are u all right?” Rebekah asked worried as she quickly got up. She walked to him, but Stefan headed for the stairs.
“Where’s Damon?” Elena asked when she didn’t see Damon coming in.
“He…he stayed behind. There was something he had to do” Stefan zei vague.
“Stefan” Elena protested unsatisfied.
“He’ll explain everything when he’s back” Stefan replied impatient. He turned to Rebekah. “Could u bring some blood bags?”
Rebekah reluctantly went to the basement, while Stefan carried Katherine upstairs. He walked her to his former bedroom and lay her down on the bed. She slowly opened her eyes.
“Stefan?” she mumbled weak.
“Ssshh” Stefan hushed. He looked over his shoulder to see if Rebekah was there. Then he turned back to Katherine. “You weren’t supposed to find out like that” he zei soft. He glanced at his hand, then pulled off the engagement ring. “I swear she won’t get away it” he was now talking about Veronica.
“I love you, Stefan” Katherine muttered with her eyes closed. Stefan didn’t say anything. He slowly leaned vooruit, voorwaarts and kissed her softly on the lips.
Rebekah was standing in the doorway, the blood bag in her hand. She was squeezing it so hard, she made small holes in it and the blood streamed along her fingers, on the floor. She smashed the bag on the floor and ran away.