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1x22 - founders dag
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1. u insist on watching everything he's been in.
2. u make an entire notebook dedicated to him.
3. u go on google 2 of three times a dag in hopes of finding shirtless pictures of him.
4. u have to watch Ian's sex scene in Tell Me u Love Me.
5. meer than once.
6. u become speechless when he dances in his underwear during The Rules of Attraction.
7. u actually know the scene I'm talking about.
8. u put Faith door George Michael on your ipod.
9. u always push rewind during the Damon/Vicki dance scene.
10. You're still holding a grudge against Lost for killing Boone.
11. u made it to the...
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“Michael’s out hunting right now, but he’ll be back soon.” She poured paintballs into her gun. “Lock and load, Stefan,” and she threw me a packet of yellow paintballs. I caught them and filled my gun with the colourful ammunition.
“Well this looks like fun, mind if I kom bij you?” I whisked around at the familiar voice of brother. Damon was walking towards us with a smile on his face. Lexi barely even looked up at him.
“Why hello there Lexi, long time no see,” he zei with a smirk. He walked around me and knelt down beside her. “But it doesn’t look like you’re too happy...
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the vampire diaries
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the vampire diaries
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the vampire diaries