Well, this took long enough, but better late than never, right? Here is my (finally!) review for Season 7B.

The first half ended on a hopeful note, with Daryl reuniting with Team Family and Rick going to the Hilltop to make an alliance and to build forces to beat Negan.

Season 7B Promo, Rise Up

The seconde half started strong, with Jesus taking Team Family to meet Ezekiel, which is something I was waiting for, because in the first half we haven't really seen the Kingdom again after meeting them and they are my favoriete community. Bias aside, this meeting was really interesting, and Team Family's reaction to Shiva was just priceless!

I understood Ezekiel's decision of not wanting to kom bij the fight, because, so far, he didn't have any problems with the Saviors, so I wasn't mad at him for saying no, but I knew something would eventually happen down the line and make him change his mind.

I think the highlight of the episode was Rick and Michonne cutting all of these walkers with the wire and the cars. That was just fucking epic!

I was glad that Gabriel didn't betray him in the end, because I am starting to like him more, and that would've been such a big leap backwards for him.

Team Family, 7x09, Rock in the Road

The episode where we meet the Garbage People was a bit of a rollercoaster, because they are really boring, but the Kingdom parts were really good.

I loved the scenes between Daryl and Richard, they were so intense and it brought back the Daryl that I really love. The whole scene about Richard wanting to kill Carol was amazing.

The Caryl reunion was just beautiful, it gave me a lot of feels and Daryl broke my hart-, hart when he was talking with his voice breaking. So emotional. I have mixed feelings about the Daryl lying to Carol scene. I both love it and dislike it. I loved the fact that Daryl cares so much about Carol that he's willing to lose a really good fighter, that could really help them win against Negan, for her own safety. That really showed that he cares meer about her than anyone else, and that is a really important moment for their relationship. He's willing to lose, if it meant she was okay. Daryl has come so far emotionally, it's crazy.

But I also disliked it, because Carol had the right to know about Glenn, he was one of her best friend, one of the first person she met after the world went to shit. He was her family. I don't know how she felt about Abraham, as they never actually shared a scene together, but he really should've told her about Glenn. I hope they will come back to that in season 8, with them talking about the fact that he lied to her, and not just drop the storyline, like they do so often on this show.

Carol & Daryl, 7x10, New Best vrienden

I really loved the Eugene/Negan and Dwight episode. One of my favorieten this season.

I loved everything about Dwight that episode. I am completely biased when it comes to Dwight, I am fully aware of that, and I don't hide it. Dwight is one of my all time favoriete characters from the comics and I love everything they are doing with him so far in the TV version. I felt so bad for him this episode and I cried the entire time he was in his house and meer when he took the beers and the pretzels out of his bag, tonen that he was ready to just leave with sherry for good and get away from Negan once and for all, to start over.

Eugene was so interesting this episode. I know he's probably planning something, of just waiting for the right opportunity to bounce. But there's still this little tiny chance that he actually did switch allegiance and I think that would be very interesting too. Even McDermitt doesn't know Eugene's real intention, which makes it even meer fun to watch! I really love his relationship with Negan, it's so entertaining.

I like that we got to know Laura a bit more, I actually really like her, she's funny.

Dwight & Eugene, 7x11, Hostiles and Calamities

The Richonne episode was a bit too much for me. I liked the action parts and everything, but the lovey-dovey parts were just too much. We get that they love each other, which is fine, I actually like the fact they are together...... But the way they execute them as a couple is quite annoying. They are really becoming the new Glenn & Maggie, and I don't really like it, because those two (as much as I loved Glenn as a character) were nothing meer than just tied to the hips (Maggie had meer development after Glenn's death that the entire five seasons she was on the toon before his death). I don't want that to happen to Michonne, and that's why I don't like the way they are executing that couple.

I think it was unfair for Jadis to refuse Rick's deal, but then, I didn't trust her anyways, so I wasn't expecting meer from her.

The end with Sasha and Rosita annoyed me a lot. Can't believe they couldn't have waited until everyone was ready *eye roll*. Also, that CGI deer looked so awful.

Rick & Michonne, 7x12, Say Yes

The Kingdom episode is one of my favoriete this season. I've already mentioned it, but they are my favoriete community and we really don't see enough of them.

I have been annoyed with morgan for the entire season 6, but I liked him again this season. Especially during this episode. I loved seeing his struggle, with him trying to still stick to his principle, but having a hard time and ending up snapping in the end and killing Richard in front of everyone. It was really well done. I also love the fact that, yes, morgan acted out of rage over Benjamin's death, but he also followed Richard's plan, to make the Saviors trust them again. To kill Richard, right in front of their eyes, was the best way to gain their trust, while also getting revenge for Benjamin. Win win situation. Because when morgan started his speech to Gavin, it was exactly what Richard had zei previously and it worked.

I like that morgan decided to tell Carol the truth. She needed to know and she wanted to know, it was about time she learned the truth about her family. And I'm happy that she left her cabine to go fight, because she still cares for her family and she needs to do this.

morgan & Gavin, 7x13, Bury Me Here

The episode with Sasha and Rosita on their mission to take down Negan alone (stupid!) was not that interesting. Firstly, because that mission was completely stupid and irrational. I know that they hate the guy, but just fucking wait! Secondly, because all they did was like not talk to each other of just plain argue and it was annoying. I was having a déjà vu (you know, those two random episodes about two people only fighting in season 4? *eye roll*) Can they just stop pairing not-friends character? It's pointless and annoying. Of course, at the end there was a bonding moment.... Those two hated each other for most of the season and now they bond right before one of them die. Another pattern of the toon I guess.

I actually liked the fact that Sasha decided to save Rosita and go in solo, but still didn't care for their newly found friendship. I enjoyed the little "Is it Daryl of Dwight?" at the end, it was fun to speculate, even if it took me all but 2 minuten of research to prove it was Dwight, it was still fun.

The highlight of the episode was actually Jesus coming out, even if we already knew he was gay, it was nice to actually hear it on the show.

Jesus & Maggie, 7x14, The Other Side

The episode where they all go to Oceanside to take the guns made Tara verplaats so much higher on my favorites' list! She was just amazing in that episode, I loved everything. I understand why they took the gun, but also sorta don't like that it happened. Those women managed to get free of the Saviors once and for all, I get that they didn't wanna help to fight him, because they might lose and go back to square one and have to work for him again. But the action sequences with the explosions and stuff were kinda cool, as an action lover.

Kinda disappointed that the ones that wanted to fight didn't go anyways.

Tara & Natania, 7x15, Something They Need

I have mixed feelings about the finale. It was a great episode, but the way they kept cutting to Sasha in the coffin and her flashback of her and Abraham being all couply, was very anti-climactic, especially since it was so obvious she was gonna die, the suspense was not there at all, so it ended just being annoying. But, I'm glad they actually spent an episode acknowledging one of their POC character before they died, instead of just killing them.

The fight scene was just amazing, starting with the Garbage People double crossing them, Sasha coming out of the coffin all like "link", the Kingdom to the rescue and then Hilltop. Cool scene. I was still hoping for some of the Oceanside's badasses to toon up, *sigh*, that would've been even cooler.

I can't believe they actually were gonna blow up Eugene though! link!

Negan's reaction to everything was just hilarious! And Shiva's surprise attack was one of my favoriete thing that happened on this show.

The ending was fine, and the fact that they zoomed in to Glenn's watch was cute and a nice final nod to him, but I'm not a big fan of just "All is well" endings. I know not everything is well, of course, but u know what I mean.

I love the installment of "All Out War" though, and I'm excited for what's to come!

Sasha & Negan, 7x16, The First dag of the Rest of Your Lives

What did u guys think of the last part of this season?
u enjoyed it?
Was it dreadful?
The worst of the best?
Let me know!