I almost forgot to write this. I kept telling myself I needed to write it before February 10th, and that's in two weeks. So I kicked my butt and sat down to finally write my review.

Let's remember that the last season ended up Negan being defeated, though not killed. Dwight was cast away. Daryl and Maggie were plotting a revenge.

Season 9A Promo, A New Beginning

I'm still mad about the whole "Casting Dwight away because Daryl Fucking Dixon zei so". Even meer now that I read the rumor about him maybe being transferred to Fear *sigh*. It really feels like a demotion for Amelio, which sucks! Hopefully it will improve the show, which is now shitty. I know it's just a rumor, but the fact that they are giving Dwight stuff from the comics to Daryl makes me think it might be true in the endlink

Alright, now let's talk about the episode. I think the whole museum thing was really great. It was different, cool and interesting. Though the part where they decided to ditch the horses because apparently a bunch of people are stronger than the horses? That was just stupid.

In the end, I don't hate the whole Carol/Ezekiel thing as much as I thought I would, meaning I'm not that bothered seeing them together, but I still don't like it. I just don't wanna see them kiss too much. We don't need another Gleggie of Richonne. They are ok just like they are.

Happy that Gregory is finally gone and they didn't drag it out. Just raw execution.

Daryl, Maggie, Cyndie, Carol, Michonne & Ezekiel, 9x01, A New Beginning

The action on the bridge was interesting. I liked the fact that Henry wasn't scared of Justin and just knocked him on his ass. Ya got balls kid! I loved how the tension between the Saviors and the others started to really show. It makes for a meer interesting story.

I find it funny that I felt meer compassion for Tammy and Earl, who are very minor and very new characters, than for most of the other characters on this show.

Aaron losing his arm completely broke my heart, but at least he's still alive and has a cool prosthetic now.

I'm glad the whole Gabriel and Anne/Jadis thing was only a one time thing, because it was just weird and wrong. *link*

Justin & Daryl, 9x02, The Bridge

Mostly boring episode, with a couple of good things in it.

Anne/Jadis is a really good actress in the end, she fooled everyone, including the viewers (most of them anyways). I really thought she had switch sides. I'm really interested in her future story, I hope we will see her again (or maybe it'll just be in those link) u should NEVER trust a Garbage Person.

I think the whole twist at the end with Oceanside and the Saviors was great. And that scene was raw! Great acting out of everyone, wrenching. The thing I hated the most about that scene is the double standard regarding Maggie. Oh, so she can kill people who attack her, but they can't avenge their dead husbands, brothers, sons?! I know in the end her and Daryl walked away, but still!

And those two thinking they're the boss now? Nah. That's just bullshit. They think they are above everyone else. News flash, you're not!

Little asides. "Family Fun Day" scenes were really cute, which surprised me! And Carol rolling her eyes at Jed, while he was threatening her, was just gold.

Beatrice, Cyndie, Arat, Rachel & Kathy, 9x03, Warning Signs

Surprisingly enough, I didn't enjoy the Anne/Jadis and Gabriel scenes, and I still used one of them to represent the episode. I had hopes for these scenes, and they were just disappointing.

Again, surprisingly, I haven't been enjoying Rick of Daryl's characters lately, but I enjoyed their scenes? What is happening TWD?

The things I actually liked the most in the episode were the interactions between Michonne and Negan. Now that's interesting! Anyone going down there to talk to Negan, it always makes for interesting scenes. Just give him the leading role already!

Oceanside vs Saviors made for a great scene! Carol getting the better of Jed brought me a lot of joy. But I hated that we had to wait an entire week to see the outcome of that!

Anne/Jadis, 9x04, The Obliged

Even though this was a Rick centric episode, I thought it was really poetic and actually beautiful. I always love it when they do callbacks to vorige seasons, the earlier season, the better, and that episode was full of it! I liked that the voices that would say "What's your wound?" would be related to the person Rick sees next. Lori/Shane. Beth/Hershel. Abraham/Sasha.

I didn't like that they rushed the "Negan breaking in front of Maggie" scene! It doesn't happen until waaaaaaaay later in the comics, Negan is nowhere near this emotional state right now in the show! This was all done because Cohan is leaving for another toon and I hate it!

After that episode, I'm now fully sure that Anne/Jadis traded Heath and that he will probably pop in those films as well. Though that probably means he won't come back to the show, which is a shame. He's an interesting character. (Don't argue with me on this, it was confirmed that the RV she has is the same one Heath had.)

I think Magna's group introduction and meeting with Judith was well done. I was not sure of the seconde time-jump, but I liked this Judith.

Rick, 9x05, What Comes After

I liked every representation of Magna's group. Interesting changes from the comics, where Kelly was not Connie's little sister, but her husband. I think I like the show's version better. And we see the opposite side of when Team Family got to Alexandria and were suspicious of everything.

I'm not a big fan of Michonne's attitude globaal, algemene after the time-jump. She's a bit too harsh for my taste, she was once where those people are, she should be meer understanding.

Not even gonna talk about the whole Gabriel/Rosita thing. It's just wrong. Moving on.

The things that I think were really great in this episode were Carol's handling of the Saviors (you just don't mess with Carol! She's a force of nature.), Aaron's new arm and Gracie, and the Judith and Negan scene. We need meer of those. Way more.

The Whisperers introduction scene was terrifying! I was wondering if they would ever be able to actually pull them off and I think they nailed it! Those are scary AF!

Judith, 9x06, Who Are u Now?

The opening scene of that episode was scary, and it's now really rare to have scary scenes on the show, so I think it was great!

The walker kills were awesome! I like that they still find ways to innovate in that department, even after 9 years. I did enjoy everything going on with the new people.

I do like the confirmation that Daryl link, unless Carol asks him to do something. And he's really boring for calling his dog Dog. Really Daryl? Good thing u don't have a kid, because his/her name would suck.

I really think the Jesus and Aaron dynamic was one of the best one on the show, so of course they had to destroy it! Like they do most things we actually like on this show!

I know some people thought that Luke was annoying, and I completely understand. But as a muziek lover, I liked his speech, and my hart-, hart broke a little when link.

Kelly, Connie, Luke, Yumiko & Siddiq, 9x07, Stradivarius

globaal, algemene a really good episode, definitely the best one of the season so far.

It is, again, waaaaaaayy too soon for Negan to be in that point in the story. He should've gotten out AFTER the Thing happens (which I suspect will happen at the end of the season). Because then, what storyline are they doing for him? I hope it's a good one and they are not ruining that too. BUT his face was completely priceless. And his scene was Gabriel was good too.

The fog walker scenes were amazing and stressful. Jesus fighting them in hand-in-hand combat was completely bad-ass. When the Whisperer ducked, it was scary! Even though I knew they were the Whisperers, the way they revealed it was plain awesome.

The ripping off of their own spinoff with Henry and these idiotic teenagers was completely lame. I wish they would drop it.

link I've already zei it, and I will keep saying it. One of the biggest mistakes since killing Carl! WHY would they do that?

Jesus, 9x08, Evolution

What did u guys think of the first part of this season?
Did u enjoy it?
Was it dreadful?
The worst of the best?