The wild what will happen when disney and dreamworks combine penguins of madagascar and the wild into 1 world in the wild 2 benny's past

anna447 posted on Feb 19, 2011 at 06:33PM
ok heres the story:
benny finds out his friends are being shipped to a 2nd nyc zoo on the west side(benny's home is the east zoo)so he tags along for the ride.briget is ackadentley shipped to africa were she meets the madagascar gang meanwhile the others reach the wast zoo were they meet the penguins of madagascar gang.benny and marlene become bffls(best friends for life)but benny has a secert:he was a prince and marlene was bertroughed to him.after a few misadvenchers briget and the others are reuinted and benny choises to stay with marlene while his friends go back to the wild.
later marlene and benny have a wedding and lets just say thats all she worte.

The wild No antwoorden