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posted by CyD12
Terra: (getting out of practicing with Grizelda) ough! I cant take this anymore!
Gwen: come on! those were easy exercises! u couldnt get tired of that thing
Terra: I am not tired of the training! Im tired of Grizelda!
Lisa: yeah I agree with Terra!
Artemis: it wasnt so bad...we will learn to control our powers and attack!
Raven: I still think this is a waste of time! we wont get to touch Trigon! he will kill us before!
Katara: why are u always so negative?
Raven: Im not negative...I am just saying the truth
Alexandra: least we could try!
Raven: it will be a waste of time!
Lisa: it wont!
Agnes: (looks out the window) it looks like the specialist Faragonda asked for help are here...
Buuke: ough great! not boys again! (notice that shade is there)
Sara: hallo Gwen! look there are your brothers!
Gwen: oh no! please tell me they are not the ones!
Agnes: they are....and there is Terra`s brother, Angelina`s friend and Terra`s friend too!
Angelina: u mean Josh is here?!? (gets in the window) oh god!
Terra: Flavio and Beast boy are here too?
Sara: thats right! well at least we already know them!
Agnes: (looks at the entrance of Alfea) hallo look! there is a new girl getting inside the school
Katara: new girl? cool!
Alexandra: who is she?
Artemis: we dont know! we had never seen her!
Terra: we should talk to her!
Gwen: yeah! give her the welcome to Alfea
Raven: u wont do a party at our dorm! got it?
Sara: why not?
Raven: cause I say so! I need to meditate! and read some spell books
Lisa: (looks out the window) OMG! I cant believe it!
Gwen: what?
Lisa: she is my sister! Nova!
Raven: (rolls eyes) not another light pixie!
Angelina: lets go with Ms.Faragonda!
Artemis: we could ask her to pur Nova in our dorm! after all in my room there is a free bed!
Lisa: cool lets go!
Raven: (sarcastic) yeah! lets put another light pixie in our dorm! what a wonderful idea! (back to normal) not going to happen! Ill be in my room (starts to walk away)
Terra: why dont u come with us?
Agnes: yeah! u cold meet the guys who will help you
Alexandra: why not? I think its a great idea
Raven: I dont wanr to meet anyone! I wont even let them help
Gwen: but they are nice! well...sometimes
Angelina: yeah! when u get to meet them they are nice
Raven: I already told u I dont want to meet any guy!
Lisa: the go just to meet my sister
Raven: no thanks! I dont want to meet another light pixie! I cant even stand one!
Artemis: then stay! lets go girls...lets keep moving
Grizelda: where do u think u are going?
Buuke: we are going to-
Grizelda: no time for explanations...Faragonda wants u at her office
Angelina: cool! lets go! (starts to walk)
Terra: (walks behind Angelina) see ya Raven!
Grizelda: Ms. Raven! she wants u to go too
Raven: me? not again! why?
Grizelda: juts go and u will see


Faragonda: I am glad u are here u can see the specialists are here too
Terra: yeah...but not all of them are specialists! like my brother for example
Faragonda: thats right Terra. Flavio & Beast are not students of redfountain but their are vrienden of Saladino and he send them to this mission
Terra: (looks at Flavio and BB) vrienden of Saladino?
Flavio: yeah...impresive huh?
BB: we meet a few years geleden when we where on Earth
Terra: ooh...thats cool!
Faragonda: and the rest, Daniel,John,Josh,Shade,Kevin and Sean are one of the best students at Red fountain.
Gwen: (tries not to laugh) my brothers? best students? (laughs) thats impossible!
Daniel: bealive it of not we are!
Sean: u are not the onlyone with a brain on the family!
Raven: (rolls eyes) I still dont know why Im here
Faragonda: well...they were specifictly choosen to help u fight against Trigon
Raven: I told u already! I dont want help!
Faragonda: maybe u dont want, but u need
Nova: (gets inside the office) Hi Ms. Faragonda! u called me?
Faragonda: yes Nova, coome in please!
Lisa: OMG! Nova! (runs to hug her)
Nova: nice to see u again, lisa! (looks at everyone) I see u have new friends!
Lisa: thats right...they are Terra,Gwen,Artemis,Buuke,Angelina,Sara,Katara,Alexandra, Agnes, Flavio, Beast boy, Shade, John, Sean, Daniel, Kevin, Josh and she is Raven!
Nova: nice to meet u all! (smiles) Im nova! fairy of light and electricity (looks at Raven and thinks: is she a fairy of a witch?)
Raven: what are u looking at pixie?
Nova: oh nothing...just uuummm...nothing
Raven: in case u are wondering if I am a fairy of a witch, the answer is A, Im a fairy not a witch
Nova: but you- (stays quiet) uummm nice to meet you
Faragonda: she is Nova and she will help us too
Raven: what?!? how many people are u going to call to help me?
Faragonda: just the ones we need, Raven
Raven: and I guess they all know my story, right?
Shade: actually we do
Beast boy: I cant believe your father is Trigon
Kevin: thats kinda cool!
Raven: ough! u better dont tell anyone! got it?!?
Flavio: hallo calm down girl
Raven: no! I dont want to calm down! at first my life was a secret and now is like an open book!
Buuke: well...that gives u the chance to have meer vrienden u know
Raven: I dont want new friends! and I dont want meer people to know about me!
Faragonda: Raven! calm down u are letting your anger get control of u and u need to control yourself of the end will be worst
Raven: I wanted to meditate but Grizelda send me here! I need to meditate!
Faragonda: ok Raven...take a break and go meditate...
Raven: (under a breath: finally!) thanks (leaves)
Nova: is she always so mad?
Lisa: no...when u get to meet her she can be really nice.
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